Zendrop (Formerly EcomHacks) Honest Review | Dropshipping For Dummies-How To Start A Dropshipping Business As A Beginner

Zendrop (Formerly EcomHacks) Honest Review | Dropshipping For Dummies-How To Start A Dropshipping Business As A Beginner

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in for another review with Get Free With Annie. That’s me, I’m Annie and my channel and blog is all about ways to GET FREE. What do I mean? TIME freedom is the main thing, and FINANCIAL freedom follows that. You can’t really have time freedom without financial freedom. Time freedom, means your time is yours. You’re not trading your time to someone else for a dollar amount of their choosing. And that happens when you have Financial Freedom, meaning that you control your finances instead of being controlled by them. Let’s GET FREE together.

Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ?

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I am an affiliate for most the links I provide. However, that’s not my only reason for providing them. I was once where you probably are. Looking for the best way to make money online. I just wanted honest and practical advice and recommendations for where to start and where to go. REAL courses and education that could help me earn REAL money so that I could get free and live the life I want. So that’s what this website is. I honestly hope it helps you find what is right for you. And helps you to get free. 

What is it?

Zendrop is a complete dropshipping education and business setup center.

-It shows you all the ins and outs of dropshipping, and how to start a dropshipping business for yourself.

-It includes everything from which tech to use, to which products to sell, and how to get them.

-Jared defines dropshipping as “Where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.”

Who was it created by?

-Zendrop was created by Jared Goetz, a successful shopify store owner. He used to sell a course called Ecom Hacks, and now there is an overall platform called Zendrop, which is much more professional and much less scammy.

-In 2017 Jared’s store, the Gadget Snob, was second biggest seller next to Kylie Jenner, so he has had a lot of success with dropshipping and knows what he is talking about.

-He’s also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

What’s different about it?

-Zendrop is more of an overall platform than a course.

-There is a product catalog included with over 1million products to sell on your store.

-If you can’t find what you need, they source it for you.

-You need to have a shopify store in order to use this service, which you can setup on zendrop.com

Features Included

-There is an endless Product Catalog with over 1million products.

-There are automated fulfillment features so you don’t have to worry about where your products are coming from and how they will get to your customers. You can turn on “Auto-Fulfillment” any time so that each order is fulfilled automatically.

-Zendrop is known for its fast shipping times. Shipping times are more and more important to consumers, especially with Amazon killing it. Zendrop has the fastest shipping in the dropshipping industry.

-If you are a PRO user, you have the advantage of using their expedited shipping as well.

-Zendrop offers United States Fullfillment. You have the option of ordering your product inventory in bulk to their US warehouses to cut down on shipping times.

-Zendrop offers custom branding. You can include a custom designed thank you card in all orders sent to your customers, so it really feels personalized, like its coming directly from your store.

-Zendrop offers private labeling. You can create your own label, with your own design, and brand the actual products as well.

-You can create bundles and subscription boxes. You can sell multiple products at once by selling product bundles on your online store. You can also create recurring revenue by selling memberships and creating subscription boxes that are sent to customers at your desired frequency.

-Zendrop has a support team to help you scale your business, that is available 24/7

-They also offer high volume support, so as your business grows, your support level changes

-Analytics: The Zendrop dashboard shows you all of your orders, costs, profits, and sales that you fulfill right away. It’s not super technical, and anyone can read it and figure it out. Even me.

-Zendrop Academy is a marketing feature. Become an expert on all things Facebook Advertising. 45 videos that teach you how to set up, test, and scale successful Facebook ads. This is one of the training features that was taken from Ecom Hacks.

How does it work?

-Zendrop is plug and play, its a very easy to use platform.

– First you find products to import from their catalog (Its huge) and they have very competitive pricing.

-Next you import the products to your store. You can change the photos and product descriptions easily so that your products show up exactly how you want them to.

-Then zendrop fulfills your orders. When a customer purchases a product from your store, Zendrop gets your order and their system automatically fulfills the order.

-Shipping: Zendrop ships the product directly to your customers. You can also incorporate custom branding into all your packages with custom thank you cards.

-Overview of dropshipping: When someone buys a product, you pay for the fulfillment and sometimes the shipping as well, and get paid the difference. Ie: T-shirt priced for $30, Fulfillment costs $17, shipping costs $5, you take home $8. With Zendrop, you are just paying a monthly fee for all of it together. So it’s much more bundled and easy to follow. And then what you sell is your profit. You don’t have to do excel spreadsheets and keep track of tons of different expenses. Your sales, minus what you pay zendrop monthly, equals your profits. Then if you spend money on paid ads, you take that out as well.

Who is it for?

Zendrop is great for beginners who really want to learn dropshipping the right way, so that you can have a long term business for years to come.

-If you are creative and have an idea for branding your store that will stand out from everyone else, you just need help making it a reality, then Zendrop is for you.

-If you already know facebook ads, or you are willing to deal with learning facebook ads. (It can be frustrating at times) and this is what he recommends, then this is for you.

-If you have a monthly advertising budget that you are willing to invest towards facebook ads, zendrop will teach you how to be profitable in that.

-If you already have products and a store and you just want an easier better platform to sell your products on, Zendrop is that.

Who is it not for?

-If you don’t have much money to pay for paid advertising or a monthly budget for zendrop, it might now be for you.

-If you don’t consider yourself a creative person, and you don’t really have any good ideas for a store.

-If you would rather just promote other people’s products from a small website or youtube channel, and go with free advertising rather than paid, then zendrop isnt for you. If that IS you, check this out, its how I make money every month without owning a product, dealing with shipping, or dealing with any customer support what so ever.


Zendrop is super easy and user friendly, point and click, drag and drop.

-Its very laid out and open. Everything is included in one space.

-Everything is very step by step and easy to follow

-Zendrop offers great support, you will never feel alone in your business.

-With dropshipping, you don’t have to buy inventory ahead of time.

-With Zendrop, unlike many other dropshipping courses and companies, you can brand and do private labeling and packaging so all your products are personalized.

-Zendrop also lets you sample and test products before you put them on your store.


-Jared only focuses on Facebook advertising, and doesn’t really show you other options for marketing very in depth.

-Facebook ads are very expensive, and the strategies he teaches are very aggressive. Sometimes instructing you to spend hundreds in a day, in order to make real money.

-In my opinion Zendrop is a bit pricey for what you get. There should be more done-for-you content, or it should be a one time fee.

-Dropshipping has become VERY oversaturated and competitive. Top sellers are spending $50k plus a day on ads. Its hard to compete with that.

-Even if you get EVERYTHING right with a dropshipping business, your profit margins are usually around 10%-20%, where as with affiliate marketing they are 50% (just sayin).

Better Alternatives?

Affiliate Tube Success Academy, is a much better alternative for starting your own online business and making real PASSIVE income. It is a complete Google SEO and Youtube training course, showing you how to rank #1 on google fast. EVERY TIME. Google is the number one search engine in the world. If you can rank on google, you can sell anything. I highly recommend this course to start your long term passive income online business.


Testimonials/Other reviews

-There are some good reviews, and some good testimonials. There are many good testimonials on their website.

-There are some bad reviews about facebook ads being the only traffic method mentioned. Others who agree with me.

-Dropshipping in general doesn’t have great reviews anymore. Its gotten very saturated and competitive.

What does it cost?


-There is a free plan that gives you everything to start with, plus 50 orders per month, package tracking, affiliate program, and support. Its an ok place to start. However, you are going to need a lot more to be successful with this.

-$49 per month for the Pro account that gives you unlimited orders per month, 500k+ US products to choose from, automated fulfillment, bulk fulfillment, custom branding, express shipping, zendrop academy, affiliate program, product bundles, and subscription boxes. You can also pay yearly and save a bit of money.

-$499 per month for the Select account for high volume sellers who want to scale.

-Paid advertising can cost anywhere from $10-1000 per month, just depends on how well its working and how much you want to spend


-Not that I could find, but you can cancel at any time

Final Thoughts

-Dropshipping can be hard for beginners. If you already have thousands of followers on IG and tiktok, then you could probably do ok with a store right away, but other than that, your going to have to spend some money on advertising and have a good idea that stands out.

-However, $49 per month to learn how to create a business and gain a lot of skills is very cheap, even if you don’t end up being successful with zendrop or dropshipping in general, you are still gaining a lot of valuable knowledge and skills for a dang good price. You didn’t spend $10,000 on inventory or a course that you don’t really like. (I have done that).

-$49 a month to see if you can make an online store work, especially if its your dream, is really reasonable. Even if you just take a couple months to figure out if you like it or not, you’re only out a hundred bucks. You probably spent that last weekend on dinner.

Final Verdict

-I DO recommend. (For Some)

-I generally recommend courses that are good for beginners and can make you mostly passive income, without having to spend your entire savings account.

-This one isn’t for everyone, and could be hard to break into, however the price to find out if you can make it work or not, is extremely reasonable.

-Plus its not scammy or full of pressure like it used to be with Ecom Hacks.

-Dropshipping competition is fierce. Facebook ads are extremely expensive and volatile, and if you cant afford to spend money on them, then you might not make money. So be prepared for that, unless you have a different free traffic strategy, or you already have a good amount of followers on a social platform.

-On top of that dropshipping profit margins are still only around 10%-20%, and that’s if you are doing everything right.

Affiliate marketing commissions are 50% most the time, and you can create free advertising. Plus 90% of affiliate marketers don’t even have a website or a youtube channel, so if you can make those (Which are mostly Free) you have advertising right there.

IF that sounds more like what you are looking for, click here.

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