Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Courses In 2022 | Wealthy Affiliate vs. Spark By Clickbank vs. Legendary Marketer Honest Review 2022

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in for another review with Get Free With Annie. That’s me, I’m Annie and my channel and blog is all about ways to GET FREE. What do I mean? TIME freedom is the main thing, and FINANCIAL freedom follows that. You can’t really have time freedom without financial freedom. Time freedom, means your time is yours. You’re not trading your time to someone else for a dollar amount of their choosing. And that happens when you have Financial Freedom, meaning that you control your finances instead of being controlled by them. Let’s GET FREE together.

Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews over other peoples?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. You might be thinking you should find a review done from someone who has taken the course. But most of the time, people who have taken the course are receiving a commission if they then sell you the course. So they have an incentive to write a good review so that you will buy. Which makes their reviews somewhat biased. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ➡️

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I am an affiliate for most the links I provide. However, that’s not my only reason for providing them. I was once where you probably are. Looking for the best way to make money online. I just wanted honest and practical advice and recommendations for where to start and where to go. REAL courses and education that could help me earn REAL money so that I could get free and live the life I want. So that’s what this website is. I honestly hope it helps you find what is right for you. And helps you to get free. 

My SUPER technical rating system:

A Really valuable course, for a very fair price. (Good investment, and high chance of return.) CHA-CHING!

A Really valuable course, for a very high price. (Risky investment, but high chance of return.) OOF!

An OK course, for an OK price. (Moderate investment, 50/50 chance of return.) MEH.

An OK course, but too high priced. (Risky investment, 50/50 chance of return.) NAH.

Overall Rating =

Wealthy Affiliate- MEH.

Spark By Clickbank- NAH.

Legendary Marketer- CHA-CHING!

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Spark By Clickbank Vs. Legendary Marketer

What is it?

Wealthy Affiliate- Affiliate training with over 1000 training modules, very step by step with videos and accompanying written step by step instruction. Focuses on building an affiliate website based on a niche you like.

Clickbank U/Spark By Clickbank- Affiliate marketing training and vendor training, showing you how to promote clickbank products or sell your product on clickbank marketplace as a vendor, mostly how to create your own product and sell on clickbank as a vendor. However There is a much better course for course creation and product creation that I recommend called Passive Income Breakthrough, and I will go more into why at the end of this article. But it was created by a guy who has sold millions of dollars worth of courses and products on clickbank. You can read my article review about it here.

Legendary Marketer– Online training courses, ebooks, and webinars for aspiring online entrepreneurs. Very low priced training materials for complete beginners in affiliate marketing, an online membership with tons of information on how to become successful in online marketing for intermediate marketers, and high ticket products for advanced marketers. A spectrum of training and products for a spectrum of different levels of online entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate : WHAT you need Need To KNOW about Wealthy Affiliate
Main – Spark By ClickBank
A SUPER In-Depth Legendary Marketer Review [2021]

Who was it created by?

Wealthy Affiliate-Kyle and Carson, successful bloggrs and online entrepreneurs

Clickbank U/Spark-Justin Atlan, successful clickbank vendor. (New Spark By Clickbank was created by another successful clickbank vendor, Ben Harris.

Legendary Marketer- David Sharpe, very successful and well known online entrepreneur

Legendary Marketer Review – My Take On David Sharpe's Program | Avoid  Online Marketing Scams

What’s different about it?

Wealthy Affiliate- Teaches you how to promote more than just digital products. Free membership option. No upsells. Highly active and engaging community

Clickbank U/Spark- focuses on high commission digital products. Focuses more on creating your own product. Only clickbank course taught by clickbank themselves.

Legendary Marketer– A marketplace of different products that promotes and sells high medium and low ticket training courses and materials at beginner intermediate and expert levels. Doesn’t just teach you how to build one type of business, teaches affiliate sites, ecommerce, and youtube channel building.

Spark By ClickBank Review. The Latest Clickbank Platform.

What Else?

Wealthy Affiliate- comprehensive training on how to set up wordpress site. Teaches you how to rank your website on google bing and yahoo

Clickbank U/Spark- Impressive community of successful clickbank marketers to learn from, teaches more aggressive marketing techniques

Legendary Marketer- You can start out getting information and training for $1

Wealthy Affiliate Review (2021) | thedoublethink

What’s Included?

Wealthy Affiliate- 1000+ training modules, member created modules, hundreds of hours of webinars, site support, 24/7 live chat, classroom-like forums, personal coaching. Two free websites with hosting. Keyword research tools. Article creation tool with auto posting and royalty free images. An affiliate program

Clickbank U/Spark- 17 mini courses that are made up of 70+ video trainings that focus on concept of affiliate marketing, for complete beginners. The course focuses on product creation training so that you can be on the other side of the market as well. Live Q and A webinars. Facebook group. An affiliate program.

Legendary Marketer- Training materials, ebooks, coaching, live events, an affiliate program, personal business consultation from one of the team members. Many many products to try out and choose from to promote. Beginners guide to affiliate marketing is an ebook for $1.99, 15 day business builder challenge is a complete affiliate marketing course for $7, copywriters playbook is a complete copywriting course for $1, and 15 second free leads is a course on how to generate FREE leads on TikTok (the fastest growing social media platform in 2021) for $1.

Legendary Marketer

How does it work?

Wealthy Affiliate-Focuses on promoting wealthy affiliate as your main product, however also shows you how to choose and promote all kinds of products as well, even products that aren’t digital. Very lively and engaging community that keeps you motivated.

Clickbank U/Spark- As an affiliate marketer you learn how to choose and promote products to earn a commission on clickbank. As a vendor you learn how to design a digital product and landing page to sell your own product. Topics include learning how to create a sales funnel, increasing traffic, attracting affiliate marketers, and growing your business in general. Mostly a do it yourself course, not much of a community.

Legendary Marketer- You can sign up for as little as 1.99 and start learning the basics of online marketing. You learn how to create funnels through clickfunnels and how to gain traffic through blogs and youtube. Then you promote any of the several products they have available and earn a commission.

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan: [The Truth]

Who is it for?

Wealthy Affiliate- complete beginner affiliate marketer who needs to learn how to create a blog/website and do SEO

Clickbank U/Spark- complete beginner at affiliate marketing, if you have a digital or information product you want to learn how to sell on clickbank

Legendary Marketer– Everyone. Beginners, intermediate marketers, advanced marketers (high ticket products)

Who is it not for?

Wealthy Affiliate-Affiliate marketers who already have a blog/website and know how to do SEO

Clickbank U/Spark- Affiliate marketers who already know how to use clickbank

Legendary Marketer- Very advanced successful marketers who are already making 6 figures


Wealthy Affiliate- Take action quickly, no upsells, helpful active positive community. Website hosting included, 2 websites included, keyword search tool included, live support 24/7

Clickbank U/Spark- One of the only affiliate marketing courses that shows you how to make your own product to sell

Legendary Marketer– fair monthly price, good commission payouts, David sharpe is very up front and good at what he teaches


Wealthy Affiliate- no refunds, focuses mostly on selling wealthy affiliate, slightly outdated on some info, takes 6 mo plus to see any income. Has over 2million members, so quite saturated

Clickbank U/Spark- upsells, no community, not great support, no private coaching available, no live chat, have to buy your own hosting

Legendary Marketer-To get higher commission rates, you have to become a pro member. Basic membership is 10-30% commissions and Pro is 30-60% commissions. Pretty saturated, A LOT of members.

Spark by ClickBank Review - Do you really need it? - YouTube

Testimonials/Other reviews

Wealthy Affiliate-A lot of really positive reviews, but mostly from wealthy affiliate customers so biased

Clickbank U/Spark- Not many great reviews or testimonials of success. Not many horrible ones either though.

Legendary Marketer- Equally good and bad reviews. Most people feel you just really need to put in a lot of work to be successful with this, which is any business.

What does it cost?

Wealthy Affiliate- 47/mo, membership to Jaaxy for keyword research- $19/mo

Total: nothing up front, then $68 recurring maximum

Clickbank U/Spark- 47/mo, plus cost of a funnel builder and email marketing software you will need

Total: $60-250 per month with hosting, funnels, email automation

Legendary Marketer- entry level training for as little as $1.99. The next level up is the 15 day challenge for $7 and the legendary marketers Pro club is $30/month. You can cancel at any time. Traffic University $1497, Affiliate marketing business blueprint $2500, digital products business blueprint $2500. Monthly software costs will be incurred as well.

How to Make Money with Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

Is there a Refund Policy or Guarantee?

Wealthy Affiliate- no refunds

Clickbank U/Spark- yes, easy to get

Legendary Marketer-30 day refund

Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate- A good overall affiliate marketing course for beginners. With a lot of good support. Reasonable monthly fee and hosting and websites included. Very convenient for beginners. However, very oversaturated. A lot of competition. Main way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate is by selling Wealthy Affiliate, which is slightly reminiscent of network marketing. Not my favorite.

Clickbank U/Spark- Very basic, not much support. Reasonable monthly fee, but no hosting or websites included. Better courses out there. Especially for product creation. For a much more in depth product creation course to help you get your product or product idea on to clickbank in front of hundreds and thousands of affiliate marketers who can sell your product for you, click here for a course created by a well known online entrepreneur. OR If you want to read the review first, check it out here.

Legendary Marketer– Wide spectrum of choices. Can start out with a $7 course that basically shows you how to be an affiliate marketer and see if you like it. If you do, you can join their monthly affiliate program for $30 a month…., exactly what Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank Spark are doing for $49 a month. Best one out of the 3, however Legendary Marketer is also quite oversaturated. Lots of competition from affiliate marketers all doing the same thing.

That’s why I recommend doing what less than 1% of affiliate marketers know about, you can check out the free webinar below ?. Yes, I am an affiliate for this program, so I get a commission if you buy it. But that’s not the only reason I recommend it. I was once where you are. Looking for a way to make money online. And I think this is one of the best ways I’ve come across. I purchased it myself and have gone through the entire program. If you are still skeptical, you can watch the webinar and make your own decision. There is no obligation to buy it after you see what its about. Good luck! And Get free!

Click here to learn more.

Here is my favorite course that I recommend.?

Thanks for tuning in… go out and get free.

I hope this review and the rest of my reviews help you to make the right decision for you.

My Personal recommendation for making money online.?

How To Make a Full Time Income While You Sleep.

Passive Income so You can Quit Your 9-5.

Using 100% FREE traffic, and Done-For-You Content.

The slow way. (There is no fast way)

The real way.

No Fluff.

My favorite course.

What do you have to lose? Besides 40 more years of a job you don’t like.

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“You can always get more money, you can not get more time.”

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