The Asigo System Review (From Someone Who Bought It)

The Asigo System Review – Updated 2023

I did a review a few months ago after I first purchased the Asigo System. I am now finished with the course trainings and want to update everyone on how its going. Stick around to the end of this article or watch the video to find out if the Asigo System is worth it for you.

Recap of what I covered in the last review

-The Asigo System is an eservices dropshipping training course. The way it works, is essentially you are finding business owners in a specific niche, and connecting them to your eservices store. The store is all done for you, the fulfillment is all done for you, so once you find a client to purchase the eservice, the rest happens basically on autopilot.

Ok so what are you selling these business owners?

-The eservice you are selling is called an amp. Which is created by the software called Ampifire. An amp is basically a blast of information across the internet on hundreds of different websites. So its creating exposure and visibility online for a business. Which in turn, brings the business more customers. And the business is happy to pay you every month for doing this. Because why wouldn’t they?

What’s different about it from every other course?

-The main thing that has been very different about this course, is that Chris the creator teaches all the trainings every week himself, Live. There is no pre-recorded string of videos that you watch on your own time. There is one video every week, by chris himself. Showing you exactly what to do, and helping to keep you motivated. Another huge difference is that Chris is extremely down to earth, and straight forward. He doesn’t try to fill you full of fluff and promises. He just tells you what you should be doing, and that’s it.

What’s Included?

-You have access to the weekly trainings, and the replays.

-You have your own private labeled brand and store to sell eservices on.

-You get 2 amps per month included, but if you want to purchase more you can.

-You get done for you email templates and scripts.

-You get access to the private facebook group that is extremely active.

-You get 24/7 support from Chris’s team to help you with anything technical.

How does it work?

-Chris’s team sets up your private labeled store.

-You pick your own business name.

-Your private labeled eservices dropshipping store is up and running.

-Chris’s software finds business owner leads for you.

-Chris gives you email templates to use.

-You send email campaigns out to those businesses.

-When one of the businesses decides to purchase an amp from you, Chris’s team does the fulfillment, and you make Hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. (You get to decide how much you want to sell an amp for)

Who is it good for?

-If you have a niche that you already have experience in, or know a lot about, such as Roofing or Cleaning services this would be great for you because you will already know how to speak the language of the business owners you are selling to.

-If you have been trying to start a lead generation or local marketing business, and you just need a better way to do it, this would be perfect for you, because it is essentially local marketing on steroids.

-If you want a legit business, that is actually providing value, that you can be proud of.

Who is it not good for?

-If you’re the kind of person who just wants to make a ton of money without doing any work, this isn’t for you.


-As far as I know, this software is one of a kind, so you are getting an amazing product.

-As far as I know, no one else is teaching this.

-You are actually helping business owners get more customers and make more money, so its an easy sell and you can feel good about it.

-This training and business is all very Done-For-You so you don’t need to know how to build a website or integrate software together, you can just focus on finding clients.


-Its fairly expensive for beginner online marketers.

-You do have to pay monthly for the software and website and storefront they provide you with.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-There aren’t a ton of testimonials or reviews available to the public, because this training and software hasn’t been around for a very long time, but inside the facebook group, students are doing really well and loving it.

-I’m a student myself, and so far I really am enjoying learning this business. Chris is a great teacher with a straight forward attitude, no fluff.

-So far, I have not landed a client yet. I’ve only been reaching out to business owners for a few weeks now, and to be honest, I haven’t been hitting it as hard as I should. Some of the students in the program have 50-100 email campaigns going already, and I only have 3.


-$3000 for the initial training, and then $197/mo after 30 days. This includes 2 amps per month automatically credited to your account, as well as 24/7 support and lifetime access.

-Also if you want to have more amps that 2 per month, you need to buy them. The price is different depending on how many you buy at once. You receive very large discounts for buying in bulk. But they can cost anywhere from $499 for one down to $50 for one if you buy in bulk.

-Having said that, I have never had to buy one seperately, because I have never used or sold more than 2 amps per month.


-90 day money back guarantee, which is really sort of amazing. Giving someone 90 days to try it out is a lot more than most programs.

Final Thoughts

-This is a great business model. Business owners will always want to buy marketing to get more customers.

-Super easy to use for beginners, don’t have to be tech savvy at all

-High potential for high earnings.

-Sucks that you have to pay monthly, but as soon as you get one single client, you won’t care anymore.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this business. I don’t think it is available right now to purchase, because Chris does all the weekly trainings live, so you have to buy it when he’s ready to start a new cycle of training I believe.

But if you are lucky enough to get a hold of it when it’s available, and you have the money for it, I highly recommend it over any other lead generation or local marketing course out there. I have tried others, and reviewed several of them. This one is by far the best way to do local marketing as far as I can tell. No one else in this space has THIS software and is doing what they are doing. It really makes it extremely easy for someone trying to start a local marketing or Lead Generation business online.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and as soon as the asigo system becomes available for purchase, I will link it below.

And I hope you choose today to Get Free.

Annie 🙂

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