Residual Payments Honest Review 2022 | How To Make Millions In Commissions Just By Processing Sales

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Residual Payments Review

What is it?

-A course that teaches you how to become the middle man or “Digital Payment Agent” between a business and their payment processor.

-You provide them with a better cheaper option and keep a small percentage from each sale they make.

-To find enough clients to be profiting from this, will require a lot of cold calling and cold emailing.

-But there is a large potential for earning money. The only way to pay online for anything is electronically, so if you can find a large enough company, or a large amount of companies to hire you for these services, you could make a lot of money.

Who was it created by?

-David And Patricia Carlin

-20 years in digital payments industry

What’s different about it?

-Its sort of like affiliate marketing, in that you are the middle man between a product and a customer, and every time there is a sale, you keep a percentage.

-However, the percentage you keep from each sale is much smaller, like 1% rather than 50% with affiliate marketing.

-Also you have to find clients by talking with them face to face, so you will experience a lot of rejection, unlike with affiliate marketing.

-People need to trust you before hand, in order to be handling their money and transactions. So you’re going to have to figure out how to position yourself as an authority.

-If you prefer a less stressful way of making money online, where you don’t have to deal with clients face to face, and cold calling, and rejection.. here is an alternative I recommend

What’s Included?

-A course with 9 short modules

-Each module is around 10-20 minutes long

               –Module 1: What to Expect – this is the intro about what you are going to learn

               –Module 2: Meeting your instructors – This is where you get to know David and patricia the creators, so that you can ideally trust them and be more likely to purchase their upsells.

               –Module 3: Credit Card Processing Explained – This is where they explain the business model of processing payments for businesses.

               –Module 4: How Much Can You Make – This is where they go into your earning potential, how much you will generally make from each sale and each client

               –Module 5: Real Residual Income – This is where they go into how it becomes a passive business, where you will eventually not need to do much work to still get paid everytime there is a sale made

               –Module 6: Understanding the Opportunity – More of the same from the last 2 modules

               –Module 7: Locating Potential Customers – This is where you learn about which customers to pursue and which customers not to pursue. Some customers’ businesses wont work well with your payment processer, etc.

               –Module 8: Getting Your First Client: This is where you learn about cold calling and cold emailing and how to talk with potential clients and business owners. Learning how to sell.

               –Module 9: Sales Call – This is where you are encouraged to set up a one on one call with a residual payments rep. They are going to talk to you about what it takes to make this business successful, and how really the only way is to work directly with the Carlins and their team, which will cost thousands of dollars. (*Good tips to remember*Anytime you are sent to a sales call, it is to make a high ticket sale. And anytime you are getting mentorship from very successful people in person or over the phone, its going to cost thousands of dollars.)

-The Digital Payments Playbook ($47 upsell) – This gets you access to different marketing resources, sample scripts to say to clients, useful probing questions to ask them, graphics to use, social media captions and copy, and a calendar to help with your social media posting schedule.

-Becoming a Highly Paid Agent ($197 upsell) – If you want an actual guide to how to set up this business step by step including all of the technical stuff, this is what you need. The rest is really obsolete without this. They should really just make the course $290 and give you everything up to this point, because the rest is just fluff without this.

How does it work?

-You cold call and cold email business owners that have online sales

-You negotiate and sell them on the fact that your payment processor is cheaper and better

-You show them that your customer service is going to be better than what they have now

-They sign a contract with you

-You set up your payment processor on their website

-Every time they make a sale on their website, you get a small commission

Digital Payment And Credit Card Processing Training For Entrepre - WBOC TV

Who is it for?

-You’re a natural born salesmen and you thrive in high pressure situations

-You don’t mind having to call and email business owners again and again…and again.

-You don’t mind visiting businesses and setting up appointments to try and find business

-You have a few thousand dollars to devote to learning this business

Who is it not for?

-If you cant handle (or don’t want to handle) high pressure situations, where you have to be selling and negotiating and getting rejected by potential clients, this isn’t for you

-If you don’t want to hustle to find clients by cold calling and emailing, this isn’t for you

-You want a laid back, passive way of making money online


-Overall good business model

-High earning potential

-Very passive after you find a lot of clients (and if you can keep them for a long time)

-Not many courses teaching this, so wont be oversaturated, low competition

-Room for growth. More businesses are going online, and will need electronic payments


-The fake timer on their sales page. (I hate it when people do this. If you close out of it and open it again, the timer starts over. So yea. A lot of course creators are doing this and I wish they would just stop)

-You need to convince business owners that your payment processing services are better, even when you don’t have experience to back up what you’re saying

-They advertise it as $37 but that barely gets you anything except an outline of the business

-To really be successful with this business, its going to cost you $500-$5000 (Ive heard the sales call is for a mentorship that is $5k) and you’re going to need money for marketing

Better Alternative?

-In my humble opinion, and from years and hours and thousands of dollars spent trying to find the most passive, and practical, and affordable and honest way to make passive income online.. I have found affiliate marketing to be it. And from the 10+ courses I have taken and the thousands of courses that are offered, it can be so hard to know which one to choose. There are many good ones and many time-wasters. I have been so frustrated in the past just trying to find an honest practical course. And after all that, I believe this one is the best for the value. ?


Testimonials/Other reviews

-There are many good reviews, but in my opinion they are all from affiliates that are collecting a commission if you buy the Residual Payments course using their link. Since there is a very lucrative affiliate program, you have to be very careful of this.

-Im not an affiliate for their course, so my review is honest and non-biased. However, you may find many reviews that are by affiliates, that are going to be very positive.

What does it cost?

-$37 for very basic outline of how the business works, sometimes discounted for $17 (should be in a free webinar)

-$197-$297 for the actual course that shows you the basic technical steps to set up the business

-Up to $5000 for mentorship


-You can get a 30 day refund for the Digital Payments Revolution course ($37) ONLY

-Any other upsell you purchase is not refundable

Final Thoughts

-Good business model, after you have several loyal clients it will be extremely passive

-High earning potential

-High pressure, stressful

-Cold calling and cold emailing is extremely hard and discouraging

-You have to deal with clients and be a salesmen

Final Verdict

-I don’t recommend this course. There’s going to be one person out of maybe every thousand that will be successful with this. You have to be a salesmen and a hustler and a bit of a scam artist at first. You have to get business owners to trust you before you even have any experience so you’re going to have to stretch the truth to get business at first. I don’t like that.

-Even if you do find a way to do it honestly, its going to take hundreds of cold calls and emails and rejections. And that’s just for the first client. You are going to have to go through that again and again to build up your business to a successful point.

-When it comes to making money online, for me the whole reason is to avoid having to deal with customer service and boss type situations. If you are having to deal with several clients who are business owners, its going to be like you have several bosses that you have to find, and sell, and keep happy. No thank you. That sounds like my worst nightmare.

-There’s a much more laid back, and honest way to make passive income online and its called affiliate marketing. You don’t need a product, you don’t need customer service, you don’t have to find clients, or cold call or email, or set up appointments, and you don’t need a huge budget. And you don’t need to spend hours per day on it. Ive gone through $50k+ of courses trying to find the most practical and honest way. And if you’re frustrated like I was and just want to find an honest and REAL way to make actually PASSIVE income online so that you can quit your job, and travel, and live life on your terms, and stop trading your hour for the dollar amount of someone else’s choosing.. you can click the link and check out my only recommendation. You get a free webinar that will give you all the details, so you know what you are getting first. No surprises.

If you are like me, and you don’t know where to start because there are so many people promoting courses on how to make money online, but you just want an online business where

You don’t need a product

You don’t need a service to provide

You don’t need to cold call or cold email hundreds of people

You don’t need to deal with facebook ads and all the mind numbing frustration that comes with

You don’t need to pay for ads at all

And once you get set up, you don’t need to work more than a couple hours a week

You can find out more about it by clicking the link below.

My Personal recommendation for making PASSIVE income online.?

How To Make a Full Time Income While You Sleep.

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