Recovery Profits System Review | $10K Per Sale With The ERTC

Key Takeaways

Recovery Profits System


What is it?

The Most Simple way to make passive income I have ever encountered.
No Seriously.

So simple in fact, that normally the programs and training systems that I recommend to help you start a passive income business, start out by showing you a webinar. Usually about an hour to 90 minutes long, giving you all of the information about how the system works, the software you’re going to need, the 10 hours of training videos that you are going to have to get through, the examples of students that have been successful and things like that. And they do have a purpose. Especially if it’s a high quality program and its around a thousand dollars, usually they know that you aren’t going to invest a thousand dollars into something unless you watch a webinar full of information first.

Until now.


Why isn’t there a Webinar?

If you have been searching for a simple way to make money online for a while now, then you have likely seen at least one webinar and you maybe are a little tired of watching them. I know I almost never watch a webinar all the way through anymore. Because I’ve been doing this a while, and Ive heard of everything it feels like. There’s not a lot that feels new anymore.

So usually a webinar starts, and I’m watching it because of a very well thought out marketing clickbaity headline, that caught my attention. But then 10 minutes into it, I can see that its for another lead generation course, or same old same old affiliate marketing course.

Not the case with this. This is literally something I have never seen. And it is literally the easiest way you could possibly make money online.


Quick Rundown

Ok so here it is, You are simply the middle man, bringing business owners who were effected by covid, together with a tax company that specializes in getting business owners a Tax Credit, in the form of cash. Large amounts of cash. Cash that they do not have to pay back EVER. When you bring these business owners to this tax company, and they receive a large sum of money, you get a percentage of it.

And that is about it.


Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

It was created by a very very well known online marketer and entrepreneur, named Brian Anderson. He has been around a long time, I have purchased several courses from him. Some good, and some not as good. But he’s legit. And this is by far the best program he has ever offered.


What’s different about it from every other course?

You are not selling anything.

Let me repeat that. You are not selling ANYTHING. Rather you are GIVING Free Money to business owners that need it.

You are helping business owners receive money that is owed to them from the IRS, called the ERTC, because they were affected by the pandemic shut down. So its actually something that you can feel really good about doing. When you get that huge chunk of money to a business owner that’s been struggling to stay open, and they thank you for helping save their business and their livelihood. That’s something you can really feel good about.

You don’t have to have anything except an email address. It would help if you had an email automation system such as GetResponse or Mailchimp.. but you don’t have to.

Everything is done for you. Its literally the easiest business model I’ve ever seen.


What is the ERTC

Ok so what is the ERTC? It’s a tax credit created from the CARES Act. It’s a legit tax credit that the IRS pays out to businesses that were effected by the pandemic shutdown. You can look it up on

It was originally created so that business owners could keep employees on the payroll as they navigate the effects of covid. The money is payed out from the IRS, and never has to be repaid. So its not a loan, it’s a credit, its free money.

And its paying business owners from $10,00 to $26,000 PER W-2 Employee. (To give you a little perspective on earning potential, I just completed a deal with a client that had 70 employees and got back $15k per employee. Do the math to see how much they got back.) And I got about 7.5% of what they got. Just for sending them an email.

You may be asking, well wouldn’t CPA’s already have filed for this for business owners? The answer is, usually no. It is complex, and a lot of CPA’s just don’t have the time or resources to do this for their clients. Especially not in 15 minutes, like this company does. This is all they do, they specialize in it.

The other thing is, a CPA usually charges for their time, and this takes most cpas a long time, and a lot of effort. So they are likely charging their client a lot of money to do this, with no guarantee. This firm, doesn’t ask for any up front fee, it is 100% contingent on the business owners refund. So if they don’t qualify for any money, then they don’t pay anything.

No one is losing any money except for the IRS. (HA!)


How does it work?

    • You sign up for the system.
    • Watch the training videos, which only takes a few hours.
    • Purchase a domain name. Usually about $10 on namecheap or godaddy.
    • Email support, and tell them your domain name.
    • They create a website for you with a questionnaire on it.
    • Brians team sends you hundreds of leads (business owners) every day.
    • You email those business owners.
    • They fill out the questionnaire on your website. And the tax team takes care of the rest.
    • If they qualify for money, you receive a percentage.


For example, If a restaurant that had to shut down during covid had 40 people on the payroll, they could receive up to $26,000 per employee. 26,000 x 40 = $1,040,000 (This is a real example from a deal I just did).

The tax firm who did all the work receives a percentage, usually 30%. 30% of 1,040,000 is $312,000

You receive 25% of that fee. 25% of $312,000 is $78,000
So the business owner receives $728,000, the tax firm receives $234,000, and you receive $78,000
And all I did was sign up with this program and send an email to the business owner.


What’s Included?

    • Once you sign up, you immediately receive access to the 5 training videos.
    • Brian’s team immediately builds you a professional website to send business owners to. All you have to do is pick a domain name.
    • Brian and his team send you hundreds of leads every day.
    • There are live calls every week if you have questions, and to give you tips.
    • There is a private facebook group where you can see other successful students and what they are doing that works.
    • Brian’s support team contacts you within 24 hours every time you need help or have a question.


    • It’s the easiest business you could ever hope to start.
    • You are helping business owners in need.
    • You don’t have to sell anything.
    • You don’t have to set up a website or be tech savvy at all.
    • You could earn up to $100,000 per deal, there is no limit to how much money you can make.
    • The more money the business owner gets, the more money you get. It’s a win for everyone.



    • After 90 days, brian’s team starts charging you monthly for hosting your website they built for you.
    • This wont be available forever. The tax credit is going to be over by 2024.


Testimonials/Other reviews

-Literally hundreds of members who have received thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions. 75% of members received a deal within the first 30 days.

Every time I go into the facebook group, there’s another person who just completed a deal.

Here’s a few screenshots from the facebook group today.


Alot of programs that are an investment try to keep the price a secret until after you watch the webinar, but I have no problem telling you right from the start that this system is $997. And I have no problem telling you that, because it is completely worth it, and so incredibly easy to make your money back. I mean, just look at the screenshots from the facebook group above. I took those today and that is happening constantly.

You can pay one time or in 3 payments. I will link both options here.


  • 30 day money back guarantee

Final Thoughts

  • Easiest business ever.
  • You are helping people get money they are owed.
  • You don’t have to sell anything.
  • You don’t have to set anything up except an email account.
  • The potential for payouts is unlimited.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this system. When I came across it, I thought there had to be a catch or it has to be a scam, because when you’re searching for how to make money online, you dream about that one simple opportunity that you’re going to find before everyone else, that is just going to throw money into your lap without having to do much work. 

And then after a while, you realize that just doesn’t happen. You realize you are either going to have to work really hard for a while, or be a really good salesmen.

There is no get rich quick magical money making opportunity.

But then I found this.

And the only catch, is that its not going to be around forever. It will likely end sometime in 2024 when the IRS and government decide that they don’t want to help businesses out anymore.


So get on it.
Choose today to get free.

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