Growth Cave’s The Productized Profits System Review 2022

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Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews over other peoples?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. You might be thinking you should find a review done from someone who has taken the course. But most of the time, people who have taken the course are receiving a commission if they then sell you the course. So they have an incentive to write a good review so that you will buy. Which makes their reviews somewhat biased. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ➡️

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My SUPER technical rating system:

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An OK course, for an OK price. (Moderate investment, 50/50 chance of return.) MEH.

An OK course, but too high priced. (Risky investment, 50/50 chance of return.) NAH.

Overall Rating = MEH

Productized Profits System

What is it?

A local marketing or lead generation training program that includes 6 modules to help you build an online marketing company that helps local businesses get more traffic to their websites, and businesses.

Who was it created by?

Lucas Lee Tyson, a 22 year old Internet Marketer.

Lucas Lee-Tyson

What’s different about it?

It teaches you to find local businesses that you are actually interested in or have a connection with. So you identify a niche that you like or are interested in. And in the training Lucas explains how this helps you to connect better with clients, and therefore make more money.

For example, if you are interested in healthcare or have a background in it, like I did (I was a dental hygienist), then you would find clients who have businesses in those niches. So your clients would be dentists, or maybe chiropractors, or plastic surgeons even. Then when you call them up, you will sound more knowledgeable.

What Else?

Lucas recommends you purchase a software program called Client Bolt, to help you find clients in your area. With Client bolt, you can type in the niche you like and the city you live in, and it will gather all those businesses in your area.

Growth Cave Training Lucas Lee-Tyson

What’s Included? (images, screenshots)

-3 free months of Client Bolt when you sign up with Lucas’ link

-Facebook group

-Mentorship via facebook group

-Lifetime access for one time fee

-6 Training Modules

Module 01 – Fundamentals and Foundations

  • How to completely rewire your brain for success and massive action
  • How to face your “dark side” and escape negative behavior patterns that limit your success
  • How to be the architect of your life and then reverse engineer it into daily action items
  • How to overcome the fear, anxiety, and doubt that plagues most entrepreneurs and paralyses them from taking action
  • Most people will NEVER master their mindset during their lifetime, we get your mind wired right in the first 7 days of the program

Module 02 – Carving out your niche and irresistible offer

  • How to pick the perfect niche for you given your interests, skills, background, education, etc.
  • How to price your offer so it’s worth at least $2,000 – $4,000+ from day one
  • How to take a view on the market and differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to craft a message that cuts through the noise in your niche and provokes them to take action
  • Most people spend YEARS on this stuff and still get it wrong. We get this dialed in for you just 14 days into the program!

Module 03 – Your Automated Client Attraction Machine

  • How to get clients coming to you instead of you chasing them, using our battle-tested, proven strategies and automation frameworks. Step-by-step instructions, templates, over-the-shoulder examples, etc.
  • We want you to get your first few sales within the first 21 days of starting the program, and we do this using organic methods that are 100% free. Once you get your first few clients we start scaling up using paid methods.
  • We provide you with ALL of our proven funnels and automation templates that you can install into your own business with a single click
  • Most people spend 6 months – 1 year before they get their first client/sale. We help you get yours in the first 21 days!

Module 04 – The science of sales and Client conversion

  • How to convert total strangers into high paying clients with one phone call and zero follow up
  • I have done over 500 consultations and have truly mastered this. I took everything I’ve learned and refined it into a step-by-step methodology and script that anyone can follow to close sales regardless of their previous experience
  • How to handle objections, how to collect payment via credit card over the phone (I provide you with a merchant)
  • LIVE call breakdowns of me doing a play-by-play analysis of me actually closing real business owners over the phone
  • Knowing how to sell is a life or death skill as an entrepreneur and we get you to the top of the game in just 28 days!

Module 05 – Autopilot Service Delivery

  • At this stage of the training program you should already have a few clients. Now we show you step-by-step how to deliver amazing results for these clients with laser-targeted digital advertising campaigns.
  • My clients and I spend hundreds of thousands a month on Facebook and Google Ads, so you can be sure you’re getting the battle tested, “What’s Working TODAY” approach to wildly profitable digital advertising campaigns
  • You’ll also get access to our always-updating library of PROVEN plug-and-play funnels and automation sequences that you can install into your client campaigns with a single click.
  • Most people try digital advertising/marketing on their own and then give up after months of frustration. We get you going in 5 weeks!

Module 06 – Automation, Systems, & Scaling

  • In module 6 we show you how to automate damn near everything in your business as you begin to scale up
  • How to manage multiple clients and systemize the day-to-day operations and run your productized business like a well-oiled machine
  • Our asset library of marketing automations to put your business on autopilot, minimize your working hours, all while massively improve your results
  • Our database of proven, vetted, top 1% contractors to help you run your productized business without you doing all the work
  • All the legal assets you need for your productized business: client agreements, contracts, terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc. (Save $5,000+ in lawyer fees)
Growth Cave Review. Does it Actually Work?

How does it work?

-After getting your potential client list with client bolt (or you can just search businesses in your area), you then call them and offer your marketing services to help them get more customers.

-This is what is called Lead Generation, or Local Marketing business.

-Lucas teaches you how to help potential clients by setting up facebook ads and sales funnels for them. He shows you basic marketing skills, so that you have value to offer your clients.

-And if you already have a little bit of knowledge in your client’s niche, such as dental, then this is where this will help you to make a connection with your client even if you are not an expert marketer yet.

-After you get just one client, Lucas claims you have enough monthly income to pay for ads and marketing to build your business and your client list.

-Then you scale, using paid advertising.


$1497 or 3 payments of $597

Productized Profits System Cost

Who is it for?

-Anyone looking to start a lead generation/local marketing business

-Anyone who wants to start a side business from home

-Anyone who has tried affiliate marketing or dropshipping or Amazon FBA and is looking for a new way to make money online

Who is it not for?

-If you already have a successful lead generation/local marketing business

-If you don’t want to have to talk with potential clients and negotiate payments


-Lucas recommends starting slowly with one client who is paying you before you start spending money on paid ads. This is always good advice, to start with free traffic to grow your business, and then start using the money you earn to pay for advertising, and scale from there.

-Most reviews of growth cave are positive


-The $1500 price can be nearly impossible feeling for people who are looking for ways to make money

-You have to speak with potential clients and get rejected (probably several times) before you find anyone who is willing to pay you monthly

-Lucas doesn’t talk about using a business owner you already know to gain some experience so that you have more leverage when trying to find your first real client

-Lucas doesn’t really talk about how you should offer up some leads for free at first, to gain new clients

-Lucas is teaching Facebook paid ads, which are (in my humble opinion) the devil. Facebook bans business accounts whenever they want, for no reason. So if you are only learning how to do facebook ads, you are screwed.

-He doesn’t really spend much time teaching free/organic traffic.

Growth Cave's Lucas Lee-Tyson Interview on Advertising


-Is there a Guarantee? There is a 30 day “Action-based” guarantee. You must apply all strategies with your best effort and if they don’t work within 30 days, you get a 100% refund. (I am not sure how you prove that you took action with your best effort. Or how you exactly get the refund.)

– Can I do this as a complete beginner? Do I need any prior experience or skills? No, you can be a complete beginner, most students are.

-How much time do I need to devote to this? At least 2 hours.

-How much do I charge clients?You want to price on value not costs or time.  You should look at how much it’s costing your prospect to have this problem and what it would be worth to them to have the problem solved. I strongly advise everyone in my program to never price below $2,000 and I encourage them to charge more than that and many do.

Testimonials/Other reviews

I have only seen one other article reviewing this training program, and it was overall a good review. I have also seen reviews on trustpilot and other reviewing sites, and they are almost all positive reviews. There are alot of positive testimonials online and on the sales page of course, as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this course has a lot of value and good content. It is a legit course teaching you how to do lead generation, otherwise known as local marketing for offline service based businesses. The teacher of the program is a bit young, but seems honest and up front. The sales page is not super scammy, and you know the cost of the program ahead of time. I like that. The one reason why I am not going to recommend this course, is because of the way you learn how to get traffic. This course is focused on paid advertising which can be expensive and unforgiving. Especially since the method he is teaching is Facbook ads. I really don’t recommend facebook paid ads for traffic at all. That is called interruption marketing, and it is not a good way to have longevity in your online business. You also end up waisting a lot of money on showing ads to people who weren’t looking for what you’re selling in the first place. There are people out there that are crushing it with facebook ads. Dont get me wrong. But you need time, and money, and patience, and persistence. I am just not a fan. This is why organic search traffic is best. It takes a bit more work, but people who are seeing your content and ads are people who were already searching for it. That is the good quality traffic that you want to learn how to get. In all aspects of online business. Then after you learn that, and make a little money, you can put that money back into paid advertising, such as facebook.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend this course for most. If you are a pro at facebook ads however, then this course is for you.

I won’t leave you empty handed though. Here is a course I DO recommend.?

Thanks for tuning in… go out and get free.

I hope this review and the rest of my reviews help you to make the right decision for you.

My Personal recommendation for making money online.?

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My favorite course.

What do you have to lose? Besides 40 more years of a job you don’t like.

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“You can always get more money, you can not get more time.”

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