Passive Income Breakthrough AKA The Dayjob Destroyer Honest Review 2022

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Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews over other peoples?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. You might be thinking you should find a review done from someone who has taken the course. But most of the time, people who have taken the course are receiving a commission if they then sell you the course. So they have an incentive to write a good review so that you will buy. Which makes their reviews somewhat biased. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ➡️

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I am an affiliate for most the links I provide. However, that’s not my only reason for providing them. I was once where you probably are. Looking for the best way to make money online. I just wanted honest and practical advice and recommendations for where to start and where to go. REAL courses and education that could help me earn REAL money so that I could get free and live the life I want. So that’s what this website is. I honestly hope it helps you find what is right for you. And helps you to get free.

My SUPER technical rating system:

A Really valuable course, for a very fair price. (Good investment, and high chance of return.) CHA-CHING!

A Really valuable course, for a very high price. (Risky investment, but high chance of return.) OOF!

An OK course, for an OK price. (Moderate investment, 50/50 chance of return.) MEH.

An OK course, but too high priced. (Risky investment, 50/50 chance of return.) NAH.

Overall Rating = CHA-CHING!

Passive Income Breakthrough AKA Dayjob Destroyer

What is it?

-It’s an online course teaching you how to put together and sell courses around a subject or multiple subjects of your choosing, with the end goal being to create a passive income stream for yourself.

-It covers all steps of this process, from designing your product to making landing pages, to getting it in front of the right audience.

Who was it created by?

-Rob Wiser, a successful clickbank product vendor and well known online entrepreneur.

Passive Income Breakthrough – Does It Work or Not?

What’s different about it?

-Rob has been around a long time, he is an elite member of clickbank meaning he is very successful, and this program is teaching you to copy exactly what he has done.

-It focuses on showing you how to make sales through affiliate marketers. Learning about how to get your product on clickbank and how important affiliates are to the success of your product.

-Rob covers how to outsource the entire product creation process to professionals for a low cost.

What Else?

-Rob provides a free webinar where you can learn all about this course in depth, before making a decision on wether or not you want to buy it. I like it when course creators have a webinar all about their product first. You generally receive a ton of valuable information in the webinars anyways, so even if you don’t end up buying the product, you still get a lot of good value from the webinar for free. Also, you can usually tell from the first 15 minutes of the webinar if it’s going to be something you are interested in.

What’s Included?

-In total there are 5 modules.

-Module 1 is learning the basics of creating and selling online products.

-Module 2 is actually creating your product.

-Module 3 is how to convince customers to buy your product through landing pages and emails.

-Module 4 is email marketing strategies.

-Module 5 is publishing your course and opening an affiliate program.

Bonuses included

-The Rapid-Fire Product Creation Formula for finding popular products and creating a course quickly

-How To Create Sales Letters and Videos the same way Rob does

-Sales Tactics to convert website visitors into buyers and create email lists to sell more

-How To Create An Affiliate Marketer demand (this is THE key to success on Clickbank)

-Outsourcing Secrets (if you dont want to do all the work yourelf

-Clickbank Insider Guide on hidden tricks and features of 98% of digital product creators dont know about

-Lifetime updates included, you don’t have to pay monthly

-A full recording of the workshop he did in Thailand that attendees paid $2000 for.

How does it work?

-A 3 step program designed to move you towards a passive income business, by copying what Rob has done with his own product creation and passive income generating process.

-Step 1 is doing niche research, and determining the subject or of your online course.

-Step 2 is using Rob’s product creation formula which shows you how to get your product online through a website or landing page.

-Step 3 is how to get affiliate marketers to start selling and promoting your product for you.

Who is it for?

-Anyone looking for a course to help get your product online

-Anyone looking for a legitimate way to make passive income

-Anyone who has a digital product already or an idea for one, and doesn’t know how to get it online

Who is it not for?

-Anyone who is not interested in building a full time income online

-Anyone who doesn’t think they could be their own boss, need someone else to motivate you

-Anyone who doesn’t want to create their own product, just wants to sell other people’s products


-Shows you how to create any product in any niche and get it online for people to buy

-Shows you how to use affiliate marketers to sell your product so you don’t have to do all the marketing and find all the traffic yourself

-One time investment, no monthly costs

-Good for beginners

-High earning potential

-Creator is a well known successful online entrepreneur

-Very in depth training

-You can test drive the course for $7.99 (When you are on the sales page, if you move your mouse out of the page, you will get a popup that will prompt you to do this. However you don’t get access to the entire course.)

Passive Income Breakthrough Review: (aka the Day Job Destroyer)


-A little bit sales pitchy

-Couldn’t find any testimonials

-No support community


-Does the Passive Income Breakthrough really work? A: It depends on how much work you want to put into it. But you can get 100% of your money back in 60 days if it doesn’t, and 2 months is definitely enough time to know if it is working for you or not.

-Do I get a discount if I purchase it through your link? A: No, it’s the same price no matter where you purchase it. Many marketers will use the marketing tactic of telling you that you are getting it for a discounted price if you buy it through their link, however in these situations, the price will always be the same. But if you are going to purchase it, you might as well purchase it through an affiliate marketer’s link so that they can make a little bit of income. Especially since if you are reading this, you will eventually be getting paid the same way, so Pay it forward, right? Why not. So if you are interested, click here.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-I couldn’t find any testimonials, which is a little bit weird. However, I don’t always think the testimonials that products have are real anyways, so I don’t know how important this is to me.

What does it cost?

-A one time payment of $397

-Optional upsell #1 is called Extreme Income Multiplier that is $97 and is showing you how to reach out and find the best affiliates to promote your product. This is a way to get your product in front of a lot more people without having to find or pay for the traffic yourself.

-Optional Upsell #2 is How to Build a Million Dollar Email List which is $197 and is showing you how to build a list of subscribers who visit your page. Once a person buys or doesn’t buy your product, the only way you can really keep selling or promoting additional products or offers to them is through email. This is a very good asset to have. Somewhere around 20% of people who don’t buy your product the first time, will buy it later from an email.


-It is a clickbank product, which means it has a 60 day money back guarantee that is easily obtained.

Passive Income Breakthrough Review: (aka the Day Job Destroyer)

Final Thoughts

Overall, Passive Income Breakthrough is a great course for anyone who wants to create and sell their own digital product. It’s very step by step, and gives you a lot of different options on how to sell your product and run your business. Once you have put in the work, this could become a passive income stream for years to come. I like that Rob is showing you how to create your own product, and have other affiliate marketers sell it for you. Most courses created by such big entrepreneurs like him are courses on how to sell THEIR product and make THEM more money. Im not hating here, because everyone is trying to make money. But I really appreciate the fact that this guy is showing you how to do the same thing he is and make your OWN money. Not just help him make money, and you get a piece.

Final Verdict

I recommend this course for sure. It’s created by a real dude, no fake guru here. And he is showing you a real way to create passive income for yourself. It’s a very fair price as well.


If you don’t have $397 to spare, you can try this course called Teachable for $29 per month. It’s a platform showing you how to create your own product, similar to Rob’s course. However, its not as in depth and step by step as Passive Income Breakthrough and doesn’t show you exactly how to find affiliate marketers to sell your product for you (which I feel is the most important part), or how to get your product on clickbank (the #1 biggest online marketplace for affiliate marketers), or how to outsource the work. But maybe it could be a good place to start if you don’t have $397 to spare.

Thanks for tuning in… go out and get free.

I hope this review and the rest of my reviews help you to make the right decision for you.

My Personal recommendation for making money online.?

How To Make a Full Time Income While You Sleep.

Passive Income so You can Quit Your 9-5.

Using 100% FREE traffic, and Done-For-You Content.

The slow way. (There is no fast way)

The real way.

No Fluff.

My favorite course.

What do you have to lose? Besides 40 more years of a job you don’t like.

Click Here To Learn More ? Its worth it.


“You can always get more money, you can not get more time.”

Get Free.


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