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Offline Sharks Honest Review 2021

I want to be honest with you. I’ve known about the Offline Sharks for a few years and have seen their advertisements and sales funnels and videos on youtube, and always just kind of put them on the back-burner. Lead generation always seemed like another business where you would have to talk to and interact with irritating clients. Sort of like having another “boss” in a way and I never wanted to go back to that. (I was a dental hygienist working for dentists. Secret: Most dentists are mean and crazy humans). But I digress. So I’ve been following the Offline Sharks company more closely for quite a while now and they have some really great things going on. Their training system is top notch, their customer service is amazing, and there are tons of people who say they are making money from this program. But before we get into that let’s talk about what lead generation means first…

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting complete strangers and prospective customers into leads. In other words, you would be getting an email address (or phone number) of a potential customer who might eventually become your client or purchaser – for instance if you are interested in the free webinar I provide on this very website, and will make available to you at the end of this article, then you would be considered a “lead”. Long story short, for a local business, a lead is a person who is a potential customer.

How do you get paid for Lead Generation?

Ok, so now you want to know how to make lead generation a profitable online business right? Well there are hundreds and even thousands of small business owners looking for customers every day. And the one thing that every local business is willing to pay for, is customers. So, if you can generate a local business several potential customers (leads) per month, they will always be willing to pay you for it. And the thing I love about this, is that you dont just have a customer one time, you have a customer for as long as they have their business.

What else is awesome about lead generation as a business?

You are selling something that is actually going to help people, and that people will ALWAYS need. You could be the person to potentially save a business from going under. You are the person who is helping a small business owner make more money. It is a business model that basically sells itself. And makes other people happy while you are making money. What could be better than that?

Who Created It?

Nick Ponte And David Sharp. Very well known local marketers. Nick Ponte is basically the entire marketing business for all of hawaii.

Offline Sharks - Home | Facebook

How are the Offline Sharks different?

So Back To Offline Sharks… The thing that sets them apart from the competition is they don’t just focus on one lead generation method such as SEO and PPC advertising; instead their system includes many different methods including Facebook Ads marketing, Google adwords, Google Maps, and many more. So there’s always fresh content being brought into people’s feeds with high paying ads related directly back out again after conversion- which gives marketers more exposure than ever before. With this type if set up it can make any marketer feel 100% confident when working from home, even if you are just starting out.

Default Page – OfflineSharks Lead Gen theme

Do I need to have experience?

Offline Sharks has a system that is designed to work for everyone, meaning even if you are just starting out as an online marketer they have something in store specially made with your needs and interests at heart. The trainings will be done by experts who usually charge $5000+ per day but these courses come bundled together into one pack- which means the cost of training goes down drastically while still providing more than enough knowledge needed. The value you receive is high, especially considering we’re talking about advanced marketing techniques here not beginner stuff.

What is included?

So what does Offline Sharks offer? What are their trainings all about…let’s find out. They have some really great things going online marketers need which includes a training system that is top notch; excellent costumer service + tons people who say they’re making money from the program.

Right now I am going to talk about 2 of their courses: The Offline Sharks Academy and Lead Factory.

Sharks LIVE Show: Friday Local Marketing Jam Session - YouTube

Offline Sharks Academy Course

These are the top of line trainings. This is for you if your goal in this business to become a high-level marketer with all skills necessary and knowledge that will crush it online, offline or anywhere else on earth! Offline Shark’s academy goes deep into email marketing (which makes up over half my monthly income) but also covers copywriting training which I use constantly as well). You can go through these courses at whatever pace suits YOUR needs best – they don’t give you a deadline to finish the courses by. They promise to help you for as long as you need. On one hand there may be better programs out there who teach more advanced stuff than what they offer here; however those require an investment upwards $30k. So the value you are getting for what you pay, in my opinion, is good.

Lead Factory Course

The Lead Factory course covers the basics of what you need to do in order grow your business. It’s a solid starter kit for those who are just getting started with online marketing and specifically lead generation – I highly recommend it! However it is not for everyone. If you’re interested only because you want an easy way out (in other words if your motivation and commitment level isn’t there) than this might not be best fit… However that being said as long as YOU put work into these courses Offline Sharks will help by giving feedback on how well or poorly each video was received. So there is someone helping you every step of the way.

Offline sharks academy (Pros)

This program teaches how make money through lead generation using offline tactics which are proven work well no matter where we live… One thing that really stood out as being helpful was just having access too all the scripts they provide you so that you feel comfortable and prepared when talking to clients – this is so valuable, especially for people like me who are a bit shy and don’t know what to start out saying. The scripts they provide really give you a jumping off point, and much more confidence.

Offline Sharks Academy (Cons)

The only disadvantage for this program is that the monthly membership fee can be a bit high, but Offline Sharks does offer payment plans to help you get on board.

Final thoughts on the Offline Sharks Academy and Lead Factory

The Offline Sharks Academy is a really valuable program for anybody who wants to learn more about internet marketing and lead generation as a long time business. I would recommend the course if you want some extra income on the side or as a full time business as well; it’s not just because of how much money can potentially be made, but also what kind training and help they give that make up their academy – there are so many different opportunities available now with internet businesses like these, but lead generation and the Offline Sharks are really a company that stands apart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the main steps to building a digital marketing agency?

  1. Set Goals, Create a plan, Stick to deadlines
  2. Niche Down. Find an audience and be a specialist to them.
  3. Build Relationships and Give away Value.

Who is the Offline Sharks Courses For?

Marketing agency owners, freelancers and consultants, side-hustlers and part-timers.

What is the Most Effective Offline Sharks Course?

The most effective course is really up to you and what your goals are. It could be a combination of all courses which include Lead Generation, Marketing Your Agency, Getting Started and Building your Website. The Online Business Academy has been specifically designed to provide entrepreneurs with what they need in order for them to succeed online business wise, both on their own or through employing others and outsourcing work. But you first have to decide which one interests you the most. You will always be most effective and successful at what you are most passionate about.

Which Offline Sharks Course Should I Choose?

The decision to purchase an offline sharks course is a very personal one. If you are someone who wants the best of both worlds, then it’s worth investing in all courses offered on their website but what really matters most at this point though will be your goal and which topic interests or excites you more than anything else as that would determine if you should buy into any particular curriculum. Do you want to create your own content for your own service and product? Or do you want to help local businesses gain more customers and become more successful? These are examples of questions you should be asking yourself before making a choice.

Do the Offline Sharks have a private coaching mentorship program?

Yes. They do have one, but it is only available at certain times and you must join a waiting list if it is not available. It is also very likely that it is thousands and thousands of dollars, so be ready for that.

I’m brand new to online marketing, where should I start with the Offline Sharks program?

I would recommend you start with the free videos and then decide if it is a good fit for your needs. You can always upgrade later on as well, but I think there is plenty of great content available in those first few steps to get started! You can also check out other reviews and Youtube videos if you want to find out more about the program before you invest. But if you are just ready to go and want to invest right now, their lowest price overall business course is about $700 and shows you the basics of lead generation.

Do Offline Sharks trainings and courses come with a money-back guarantee?

They offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed up until three months of purchase (minus any discounts). If within those first 90 days offline sharks did something wrong then their customer service team will make amends as best possible by extending trial periods etc.. once past these initial few weeks however customers do have 30 day return policy which may be initiated at anytime but does require proof/attendance meetings before refunds can take place.

I know my way around online marketing, but I need help getting more clients, can offline sharks help with just that?

Absolutely, offline sharks has some great training in attracting clients and increasing your lead generation. You might be interested to learn about the Offline Sharks Traffic Course which teaches you how get people from social media sites or video views to visit a landing page for example where they can opt-in into an email list so that if when it is time again send out new emails those recipients will have opted back on already! That way there are no surprises between what was agreed upon originally via sign up form vs sending something later once someone forgot their original interest had waned…They also show you ways of getting more leads through LinkedIn as well like adding content tips related with networking strategies etc. It’s all very practical and useful content for helping you gain more clients.

I have a few clients, but am ready to crank it up. Do Offline Sharks have a course for that?

Yes they do…but not just one course called “How To Grow Your Business.” Nope – there are actually six different growth-related programs that will help you get the results your company needs to really start making some money. One example of their growth courses is:

* Silver Plan Growth Course ($997) **This is great as an entry level program into offline sharks with all sorts of tips about marketing strategies like using content/blogging etc which we know work well in 2021. This has been designed by industry leaders who’ve had plenty experience running businesses themselves.

I’m getting clients, but doing all the work myself. How do I scale?

Offline Sharks has a program called “Shark Alliance Elite,” and it’s one of the programs that will help you scale your business. The Shark alliance elite is for people who want to have their own team, but they are starting from scratch with no prior experience in managing employees which would be difficult if not impossible without any help. So Offline sharks designed this course specifically as an introduction on what exactly does online marketing/lead generation companies like offline shark do to scale.

How can Offline Sharks help me score high-ticket clients?

If you are struggling to find clients, Offline Sharks has a program called “Shark Alliance Elite” which will help with this. However you should know that you likely aren’t going to score high-ticket clients until you have a few clients who can give you good reviews and testimonials first. High ticket clients want to see proof of your success first.

How much does Offline Sharks courses and training cost?

The cost of the courses and training varies depending on how much you want to learn. There is a “Shark Alliance Elite” program that offers six different programs for various levels from beginners, who may only need one course in order take their business offline sharks style or more advanced users looking into hiring staff members which can be tricky without any help (ease). The course trainings start at $697 and go up from there. There are also monthly fees included depending on which course and program you choose. And you also have to think about business and advertising costs as well.

Overall, I think it is a good investment to start up your own business. Some people spend 50k plus on start up costs and never see any profit. Many people spend over 40k per year on college and never get a job that they went to school for. I personally always think about my investment in time even more. If you can spend less than a year learning and researching and building up your business, and it’s a business that you enjoy and will give you more free time for the rest of your life, then you are making the right investment.

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