How To Make Passive Income With Youtube and Tiktok (For Beginners)

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Youtube and Tiktok are where its at

Passive income is awesome

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How I Make Passive Income From Youtube And Tiktok In 2022 (With Zero Experience) : A Candid Conversation

Grab a coffee, or a slice of pizza and a beer, and lets have a conversation. I just want to take some time to tell you guys about how I make passive income from my blog, youtube channel, and Tiktok through High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. I don’t feel like a lot of people really do that, right?

Like just have conversations with you about like how its actually going.

So lets dive in.

How I got Started

I started researching the best ways to start an affiliate marketing business. Like how you can make the most money with affiliate marketing, even if you are a beginner.  I stumbled on to a course that taught high ticket affiliate marketing using youtube.

I didn’t know about high ticket affiliate marketing at first, and I went through a bunch of courses on how to start a local marketing business, how to do lead generation, how to build money sites, how to start a dropshipping business, how to start a Shopify store, and Facebook advertising.

I lost thousands and thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising. I don’t recommend it. I tried all sorts of different things, basically any online business you could think of, I tried. and I came to high ticket affiliate marketing as the best way to make money online.

What’s the Best Way To Make Money

The best way to get money with high ticket affiliate marketing is by using YouTube and Tiktok. YouTube and Tiktok are where it’s at.

Making content, making videos, making tiktoks that provide value, information, or entertainment. Videos are what people want to see, and YouTube and Tiktok are where people go to see them.

So my advice to you if you want to do high ticket affiliate marketing is that you find a good course that shows you how to do that. I will link the one that I took and that I recommend here.

How Do you Do it?

You go through that course and you create a YouTube channel and a Tiktok channel that are basically about the same thing, same business name, and you just post content. Content around something that you are interested in or that you know a lot about. So either you are an expert in it or you just love it. Just make good quality content around that. You either make informational content or you make entertaining content. And you don’t even have to use your own face or your own voice.

Do you have to show your face?

Nope. For example, there is a YouTube channel where a guy uses whiteboard videos and a robot voice over app. He’s  got millions of subscribers, so that works as well. You don’t have to show your face you don’t have to use your voice.

However, people do like it when you use your voice and show your face, so if you’re a cool or funny or entertaining person, then definitely use yourself.

But I’m Nervous

The key is, just start making videos. They don’t have to be good. They don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be a professional editor. All I had when I started was a $40 microphone and the webcam on my laptop. Just start making them because they’ll get better as you go, and you’ll get more comfortable. Just make them be full of value and just have integrity. Don’t be talking about stuff or trying to sell stuff that you wouldn’t sell to your mom or your friend or your grandma.

What Else?

Have integrity and provide value and then pick a product around your content that relates to your content.

So for example, I’m very passionate about passive income and how to make money online. So I’ve picked a product that is teaching people how to do that with affiliate marketing, a product that I think is high quality, that I bought myself, and I trust the creator. A product that works. That’s what I promote and it’s linked in the description below if you’re interested.

Pick something that you trust and that you like and that you feel good about and then make content around that and then just put your affiliate link in the description. Or on your Tiktok profile, or a blog, and then every time somebody clicks that link and buys that product, you get a small commission. Usually 30-50%. Most businesses are jumping for joy when they are making a 12% profit, so 30-50% without having to make your own product, or deal with customer service… I mean, it just feels like the best business model in the world to me.

The other great thing about YouTube is that if you get enough subscribers and enough watch time, 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, YouTube will let you monetize your channel and you can start getting paid every time somebody clicks on an ad on your channel, which is completely passive income.

So now you are making money

Not only from the affiliate products you are promoting, but from the ads on your youtube channel as well. This is called multiple streams of passive income. And it’s the thing that will set you free.

 I have been working on my Youtube channel for six months and I already get around $600 a month in just passive income from people clicking on ads.

That’s nuts. And I don’t even post a video every single week like I should. If you post a video every single week, you’ll be making way more money than that. That’s my tip for the day. That’s my advice to you. I just wanted to have a candid conversation with you guys about what worked for me and what I think is the best way to make passive income online if you are a beginner.

Is There a good Training course?

If you really want a good step by step training, in order to be able to copy exactly what I’m doing it is linked above. I highly recommend it.

I’ll just be up front with you, and tell you that it is an investment and not everyone will be able to afford it. But it is a reasonable investment for what you get.

There’s no fluff. There’s no like, “oh, it used to be $5,000 And just for today only. It’s 90% off and it’s $25”. If you find something like that, it’s gonna be crap. Flat out. Anything for less than a couple hundred bucks is not going to even be worth it. So if you cant afford to invest that much, then save up first. Don’t just buy something cheaper and crappy that’s just a waste of money. Save for a little while, and then make an investment on something that’s actually going to be worth it, and make your money back, and help you start your own passive income business.

This system is an investment. It’s $997. I’ll just tell you that right now because there’s no secrets here. So make sure you have that much money in your account or you have that much money in credit and can to pay that off easily. And then buy it and stick to it. Because it is a great course to show you how to create a business online with passive income. And I don’t know about you, but I spent more than that on my last cell phone. So hashtag priorities.

I hope that you enjoyed this candid conversation about what I’m doing, how it’s working, and what I recommend.

And I hope you choose today to go out an Get Free.


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