How To Make Money On Pinterest Tutorial | High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (How To Get More Traffic)

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Why you should use Pinterest

How To Use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing

How To Create Pins

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So what are we going to talk about today?

I’m going to show you how to use a very underutilized platform as an affiliate marketer, which is Pinterest. You have probably heard of it but never used it for your affiliate marketing business. If you don’t have a website, you can use Pinterest to promote affiliate offers. If you do have a website it works as well. You can use your YouTube channel to promote offers on Pinterest, you can use your tick tock channel to promote offers on Pinterest, anything that you want to leak and you can link it in Pinterest and use that as another platform to get traffic to get your offers in front of millions more eyeballs. Let’s get right into it.

A little bit about Pinterest

If you’re not sure what it is, basically it is a search engine slash social media website where it’s basically like you have a organized photo album of themes that you like online. So if you want to learn about how to cook tortillas in a certain way, if you want to learn how to create a fire pit in your backyard, any of those things that you search on and then we forget about later this is where you can put all those ideas. So you search for something like fire pit, the DIY, Do It Yourself firepit and then it shows you all these pictures or pins of how to create a firepit yourself. Each one of these pins is linked to a website or a video or something else. So when you click on a pin, it brings you to this next page and you either have to click on it again or go to visit or click on the website. Any of those things you can just click on and then it takes you to the place where that picture or that article is you’re going to go to this article that’s going to show you how to build your own fire pit.

How to Create a Pin

So that’s how Pinterest works if you are the one looking on Pinterest now if you’re the one creating a pin for Pinterest, which is what which is what I want to show you how to do because that’s how you’re going to link these affiliate offers to Pinterest and get them in front of people is your going to go to Sign up. It’s free. You can pay for the pro one which I do I think it’s like $12 a month and then you just get access to everything some stuff costs money if you don’t have a protein like it’s $1 for like better pictures and templates and stuff like that. But you can definitely do just fine with the free one.

And then you go up to the search bar and they have a ton of stuff in here like templates already. So Pinterest pin they’ve already got the dimensions that they want you to have and you just click on that. So it’s going to bring you to here, you can either create a blank Pinterest pin from just scratch or you can pick a template where they have already made it all pretty and all you have to do is copy paste your own information into it. So I just went for a blank template and I created this pin I went up to here typed in money under elements oops elements money, found this picture of money, brought it over there, it pops right away into background. Just take black for the top, white for the bottom. Super easy point and click went to text clicked add heading. Type that in.

How To Make A Board On Pinterest

There you go. That’s a pin you just made one. Next thing all you have to do is either publish it right to Pinterest because it’s linked up. You said you wanted to make a pin so you can publish to Pinterest or you can just download it lots of times I’ll just download it and save it to my computer but you can actually publish it directly to Pinterest. I’m going to pin it to my How To Make Money Online board and when you sign up with Pinterest you’ll see that there are boards it’s basically like organizing your photo album into different files. So one of my files is how to make money online. You could have favorite recipes as a file and put all your favorite recipes in that one. It’s very, very easy. So then what you’re going to want to do is you make a nice little title for your PIN, top five high ticket affiliate programs 2022, create a nice little description to catch some people’s attention and then destination website. This is where you would send people you would think oh, just put my affiliate link right there. Social media platforms they don’t really like your pins to go directly to an affiliate link. They kind of see that as like spam or not really like white hat practices. So you don’t want to do that. You want the destination to either go to your blog website where your affiliate links are on or your YouTube channel where your affiliate links are in the description or your Tiktok channel where your affiliate links are in your bio, something like that you don’t you need a separation there. You don’t want it to go right to your affiliate link because they could end up removing your pin on Pinterest. They don’t want to be spamming people.

What to do if you don’t have a website

If you don’t have a blog website or YouTube channel or Tik Tok channel as an affiliate marketer Yes, I will link in my description below my favorite course for showing you how to set all that up how to set up your affiliate marketing business through YouTube through a website all that stuff. My favorite all time course will be linked in the description below. If you need help with that.

If you do have a website

Otherwise, if you already have a website or YouTube channel, you can just link your website or your channel here and then that will send them to your affiliate offer. Okay, so you’ve made this sweet little pin. You made your title. You read your description, board, you wanted it to be on, you hit Publish to Pinterest, and now you’re going to pick where you want to go. When someone sees that pin on Pinterest I wanted to take them to my website to this specific article, which is about affiliate tube Success Academy. That thing that I had the course that I was just telling you about will teach you how to do all this as an affiliate marketer make all these offers and make up to $1,000 a day in affiliate commissions. So that’s the article that I wanted to go to. So you need to pick where you want it to go to so that you can copy the URL and send it there. You can see that in this article. I have my affiliate offer. my affiliate link is right here. So I’ll send people here and then they’ll see my affiliate link. And then if they click on it and purchase the course I get a commission and that is how you make money as an affiliate marketer. So I’m going to copy this URL, then I’m going to paste it here. And then I’m just going to hit Publish now. It’s making my design your post is published. There you go. Your affiliate offer it’s now on Pinterest, millions of people can see it and click on that go to your offer and make a purchase.

How To Get Paid

Let’s check out my best top high ticket affiliate program 2022. I changed it a little bit if you notice because I accidentally clicked out of it and at the start over. There’s my description. You can take products in it. People can comment on it. There it is. And then when people click on it they get taken to my article. They read my article. They made me click this link and they get a commission. That is my favorite way to build affiliate offers and get traffic using Pinterest.

There you go friends I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. I hope you try it out with your affiliate marketing business if you don’t have an affiliate marketing business yet and you need a step by step way to create it. I have linked the course in the description below. That is my favorite all time course that shows you step by step hold your hand how to build a complete high ticket affiliate marketing business it’s by a really down to earth guy who’s been doing this for years no fake gurus here. You can see the complete review of mine on that course as well as I was showing in this video with that article. It’s called the affiliate to Success Academy. I will link the article and the video review in the description below as well. Hope you guys enjoyed another tutorial with get free with Annie, go out and GET FREE!

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