Why I Was Wrong About Remote Closing And How To Find A Mentor

In this interview with My mentor Flo, We talk about how I got started, Where I went wrong, and How you can copy what I’m doing now to Make Passive income online Daily.

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Interview With My Mentor Flo:

How did you get started?

My journey started a couple years ago when I purchased a training program from Ron Douglas called APPS, which shows you how to do high ticket affiliate marketing through facebook messenger. It also gives you access to an affiliate program with a webinar/product list of courses that you can promote. I wanted to learn how to do high ticket affiliate marketing, but I didn’t really want to use facebook messenger. So I bought the APPS program to gain access to the product list. I did go through his training, just to get more knowledge.. but at the same time I was looking for a different platform to make sales other than facebook. 

I discovered that Google owned Youtube, and that was a light bulb moment for me. If Youtube is the number one streaming platform in the world, and they are owned by the number 1 search engine in the world… that’s where you need to be in order for people to see you.

So I bought this $37 course about making money on youtube. It was like any other training, where there were a bunch of PDF’s and videos telling you what to do… and I went through it all and tried my best. But it just felt like every other time I had taken a training like that. Like something was missing.

And I realized what was missing was a mentor. I kept hearing big marketers making a ton of money online talking about their mentors, and how much having a mentor made the difference. And I knew that’s what I needed, but I didn’t know where to find that.

And then I got this email from Flo, talking about a live workshop, where he would basically be holding my hand and coaching me through how to do high ticket affiliate marketing through youtube and a website. And I was like boom, ask and yee shall receive, lets go.

What did you learn from your coach?

I learned how to set up a youtube channel

How to turn that channel into a website and vise versa

How to brand myself

How to pick the right niche

How to pick the right products

How to pick the right keywords

How to turn it into a passive income business

How to scale that business

Which software to use to make it all easier

What is your best monthly income so far?

Combined with the income from youtube and the affiliate commissions, by best monthly income was $4000… and that was completely passive income from work I had done previously.

What are your goals?

To be at $10K per month consistently

At which point I will quit my 9-5 job

And my goal is to be there by December of this year

What would you say to people just getting started?

Just start. Stop planning. Stop analyzing. Stop worrying if your going to fail, because you are. I can already tell you, you are. So you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to think what if I fail? Because you are going to.

Just start, and do at least one thing a day. Even if its tiny. Just do at least one thing every day towards your goal. Because chances are youre not used to working towards something else. Besides your job. And you have to make it a mindset. A habit. And to make it a mindset and a habit, you have to do something again and again and again. Until it starts feeling normal. And then you just keep doing it and keep getting better.

The other thing I would say, is don’t be a money chaser. Don’t think about how much money you can make. Think about how much Value you can provide. And just keep trying to give more, give more value. And money will just come to you. Don’t think about getting money.  Thinking about giving as much as you can.

What do you feel is Right and Wrong about remote closing sales?

What most courses are doing Wrong is:

-They don’t give you any info about whats included. What you’re going to get. Just a bunch of fluff and hype and vague wording to get you to buy.

-Alot of them don’t tell you how much it costs, and there are many people online saying they were quoted different prices for the same course which seems shady.

-Many of them have A lot of bad reviews online.

-The vibe of the creators are very cocky.. they doesn’t feel down to earth or legit at all, they just seem arrogant.

Whats Right about Remote Closing?

-There is potential for high income, there are a lot of coaching programs and trainings available to close sales for and a lot of them are high ticket.

-You could easily do it on the side and keep your current job.

-You can make your own schedule. Just schedule appts for your lunch break, or after work, or your days off.

-You are learning a valuable skill, which is sales. You can use it for other businesses.

What is your Youtube Channel, Get Free With Annie all about?

My channel is about finding you ways to get free through passive income. In a sea of get rich quick BS, we are weeding out the fluff and finding the best ways to make real legit money on autopilot.. before everyone else does.

Believe it or not I’m an introvert. And if you are watching my channel, you are likely looking for a way to make money online, and you probably have this little voice in your head on repeat going, I don’t think I can do this bc I don’t like public speaking, I cant be on youtube, I cant make sales, this is crazy, im just gonna go back to my safe boring job that I hate.

I know this bc I had that same voice in my head.

How did you get past being an introvert and still making youtube videos?

I found a mentor, a coach. And he trained me and helped me to get where im at and still checks in with me weekly just to see how im doing. It was life changing.

Fast forward to a month ago when I did a couple reviews on remote closing academy by cole Gordon and sales and closing academy by mike barron. My reviews basically said “These sound like my worst nightmare, talking to people on the phone to make sales.. gives me anxiety just thinking about it.”

My mentor and coach sent me an email and he was like call me. So I did and he was like Annie, I watched your reviews about remote closing, and I gotta tell you, you’re wrong. Which was a little hard to swallow, right. Like I just wanted to respond like a 5 yer old and be like im not your wrong.

But I didn’t, I listened to him, cuz he’s an online millionaire.. and im not yet..so.

And so we decided to make a little video about why I was wrong.

And now, he is actually going to show me, how I can incorporate remote closing into what I already do, in order to 10x my sales.

And If  you want to be there,with me, to have him mentor you at the same time he’s mentoring me on remote closing. he and I have decided to team up, and show 20 people how to do exactly the same thing.. high ticket affiliate markeing with youtube. To apply, click the link in the description, or right here:


And I hope you choose today to Get Free!

Annie 🙂

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