How Much Does Remote Integrator Academy Really Cost?

Key Takeaways

The $40 course is just the first step to get your mind right.

The main program is $9000. It’s basically a college education.

You will learn A TON

This is Better

Remote Integrator Academy

What is it?

Remote Integrator Masterclass, also known as Scaling With Systems, is a masterclass training that promises to teach you one simple skill that over four hundred and forty-one (quite the specific number) real people are using to make six figures online, without starting a business, selling any products, or doing affiliate marketing.

The creator calls it remote integration.

Basically, you are learning how to put systems in place for business owners, so that they can have more time to scale their business.

So it’s sort of like you are their personal assistant, or their manager.

The over-the-top promises

“It’s a 3 Step cash machine that spits out high ticket clients every 6 and a half days!”

“It can be set up in under 10 minutes!”

“No one else in the entire world is doing this right now!”

Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

Ravi Abuvala, The Scaling With Systems guy, is a younger dude who seems like he’s a pretty down to earth guy.

He’s a Law school dropout, who started a marketing agency and then turned it into this instead.

He says he has made over $6M in the past 2 years doing “Remote Integration”.

What’s different about it from every other course?

Ravi says this system is only for those who are already making $10k per month and want to scale to $500k per month. But I think he is talking about the clients that he will be teaching you how to land. Because if you’re already making 10k per month, do you really need another course to help you?

Ravi and his team also hire you a virtual assistant to help you with this system when you sign up. I haven’t seen any other courses that do that.

I also haven’t seen any other course specifically teaching you how to just help organize a business owner’s business for them. I don’t know if that’s because it’s a great idea or a terrible one. But in my experience with business owners, this seems like it would be very difficult to actually land a client who is willing to pay you top dollar for this. It also seems like it would be a TON of work. Not very passive at all. But if you are into this kind of thing, there might not be that much competition.

What Ravi says in his video about this program

“This is the absolute best time to take advantage of an opportunity that less than one percent of the population has any idea even exists. An opportunity to shift wealth in your favor. An opportunity to learn a skillset that is so desperately needed in a multi-billion dollar marketplace that people are literally throwing ten, twenty, thirty, even fifty thousand dollar checks at brand new beginners or novices to get this done. We live in a crazy time right now. A time where people are making more money online than ever before.”

“You have sixteen year olds and eighteen year olds building enough wealth that would have typically taken ten, twenty, thirty, even fifty years,” Ravi continues, “and they’re doing it without fancy degrees, they’re doing it without any previous experience, and they’re doing it without going to college. I’ve made well over six million dollars in the past few years doing one little thing for business owners that takes me just a few hours every single week, and doesn’t require me to have any previous experience.”

What’s Included?

-A 120 minute training on how to get started

-90 minute private video showing the fastest path

-How to start collecting payments as quickly as possible

-How to land $10k+ month clients

-Time freedom strategies to only work 4 hours per week

-The 8 magic words to get business owners to pull out their credit cards without a second thought

-How to growth hack like an elite entrepreneur, even if you don’t have deep pockets.

-How to fill your calendar with premium prospects and outsource every step to a virtual assistant.

-The new way to build your sales team such that they’re paying you each and every month.

-The “7-Hour Rule” that basically guarantees you’ll close clients on the first call.

All these things are very vague to me. There’s no real information about what he is actually going to teach you. I have a really hard time with sales pitches like this. It feels like they are trying to hide something. It just feels so salesy. Like, ok this might have worked 10 years ago, or even 5. But these days, we are all so used to fake gurus and scammers, we can smell it from a mile away. We just want actionable steps and the upfront price.

Who is it good for?

IF you feel really comfortable speaking with business owners, and getting rejected by them, this might be a good training for you.

If you really enjoy creating organizational tools, like Standards of Procedures over and over again for business owners, this might work out for you. (Sounds like my worst nightmare.)

If you want to basically be a business owner’s personal assistant, this might be good for you.

Who is it not good for?

If you are looking for a passive way to make money online, this wont be that. Its going to be a lot of work and a lot of selling yourself to land clients. Then a lot of work to keep those clients happy.

If you are not extremely organized, this wont be good for you.

If you don’t love doing a ton of “office work”, like creating systems and files, and folders, and processes this wont be fun for you.

If you don’t like talking to people or dealing with clients, this is definitely not the right course for you. You are going to have to speak with clients every day and sell yourself to them, and then keep them happy and paying you every month.


Per Ravi, There’s zero overhead, it works in any market, requires no previous skills or fancy degrees, and you can do it from home in your spare time.

If you could actually land some high paying clients, this could be very lucrative.

They hire you a personal assistant right off the bat, so that you have help doing all the little office tasks that no one wants to do.


There aren’t a ton of reviews on it from people yet, so its hard to know if it’s a successful business or not.

The sales page says “over 400 students have been successful with this”, then says “there are thousands of testimonials” so that doesn’t quite match up.

There’s no real content on their website page, just a lot of hype and vague promises.

You have to book a call to find out the cost and what is really included, which almost always means that its going to be more than a thousand dollars. And also means you are going to have to speak with a sales person, which is no one’s favorite.

Its all about creating SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for businesses. That sounds like the business of my nightmares.

Testimonials/Other reviews

There aren’t a ton of non-biased reviews yet, mostly only from affiliates for the training. But there’s a few reviews on reddit, talking about how expensive it is.

There are a lot of testimonials on the sales page, but I cant find them anywhere else, so its hard to say if they are real.


Of course it is $997 normally, but “for a limited time” its about $40 bucks. HOWEVER,

You have to get on a phone call if you want the full system, and from reading what others have said, its about $7.5k and then about 1k per month. He hires you a virtual assistant, that he pays to help you.

I have seen a TON of other courses like this and have been through one myself, and the $40 basic “masterclass” is just a basic few videos explaining to you how this business works, but never actually showing you HOW to do it yourself. If you want to know that, you will have to get on a phone call to see if “you are a good fit” which is where someone will ask you how much money you have in capital to spend, or how much credit you have available, and if you have enough they will tell you how you are perfect for this and how much money you can make.

There are also a couple upsells from the $40 basic “masterclass” course. One is a $97 “upgrade” that is a lot of videos from other students that are just telling you an overview of what they did to get to $10k per month. Its basically just video testimonials, again there are no actionable steps that you can follow.

The other upsell is $47 and is some good advice for how to invest your money. Basic investment tips to start growing your portfolio. These are usually tips you can find online for free.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee for the $40, but if you get on a phone call and spend the $7.5k for the actual program, there likely wont be a refund or guarantee available.

Final Thoughts

There is not enough information given, to know if this is a legit program. For that much money, there should really be a webinar explaining how it works and what its all about and if it’s a good fit for you.

The website and sales page are VERY vague and sales pitchy.

There aren’t enough reviews or testimonials of successful students.

Final Verdict

I don’t recommend this training. There are better, and less expensive ways to make money online from trustworthy mentors.

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