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Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews over other peoples?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. You might be thinking you should find a review done from someone who has taken the course. But most of the time, people who have taken the course are receiving a commission if they then sell you the course. So they have an incentive to write a good review so that you will buy. Which makes their reviews somewhat biased. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ➡️https://www.getfreewithannie.com/growthcommander

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Higher Path Ventures AKA Book Profits Review

There are so many ways to make money online in 2021, it can be a daunting task to figure out which path is right for you. That’s why in this Honest review of Higher Path Ventures AKA Book PRofits, I will give you all of the information you need to know to make an informed decision, without any of the fluff. Because let’s be real, no one has time for that. In a quick and efficient manner, we’ll take a look at what is included in the course, how it works, pros and cons of the system, pricing details and who it is good for.

What is it?

A complete training course on how to do Book arbitrage with amazon.

Who was it created by?

Luke Sample and Jon Shugart, both long time digital marketers

Higher Path Ventures Review - Is Luke Sample Legit?

What’s different about it?

-It focuses on one specific product (books)

-It teaches you how to rank on amazon

-It has a high up front cost AND a high monthly cost

What Else?

-Included is a software tool to help you with product research

-You don’t have to only use amazon to make sales

What’s Included?

-How to buy books on Amazon for a low price, store them, and then list them on Amazon Prime for a higher price

-How to offer free shipping

-How to increase your profit margin by using “Prime Eligible” offers

-How to do keyword research

-How to do product research to find the most profitable books

-How to rank on amazon

-Live training

-Facebook group

-Product and keyword research software

How does it work?

-You buy books online for a low price

-You use product and keyword research software tools to find profitable products online

-Then you sell the books for a much higher price on amazon and keep the profits

Higher Path Ventures Review - Is Luke Sample Legit?

Who is it for?

-Possibly could be for people who are experts at amazon arbitrage already and would like a new product/method to try out

-People who have at least $4000 in capital to spend on this business model and a lot of time to devote

Who is it not for?

-People looking for a legitimate long term passive income business

-Anyone looking for a practical way to make money online


-It’s the only course Ive come across that teaches this

-It is possible to get a refund if you try, and it doesn’t work out

-You don’t have to run ads

-There are successful testimonials (however I only found them on the sales page)


The name has been changed several times. ie: It used to be called “Textbook money” and “Book Arbitrage”, now it is called “Book Profits”. Somewhat suspicious.

Luke is teaching people how to use Amazon’s Trade-in program which only pays in amazon gift cards

-To find out the price, you have to schedule a call

-Way overpriced

-Many bad reviews and complaints

-You are learning how to buy and sell the exact same products as every other student in the program, so it is going to be saturated

Higher Path Ventures Reviews (Luke Sample's Book Profits)


-Are there Refunds? Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee with requirements. You must prove you have actually tried to make this work through buying a minimum amount of books, logging into the inventory management software, conducting several searches per day that are recorded, etc…

-What is the best website to sell books on? Amazon

-Does book arbitrage work? You buy books at low cost, store them, and then sell them at higher price when they are in demand.

-How much do I need to invest in buying books to be profitable? The more you invest in product, the more chance you have to make money, however you also have more risk to lose money.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-Complaints from students about losing money

-Complaints from students about their negative reviews and remarks being removed, and getting banned from the members-only groups

-A lot of bad reviews in general. There’s an entire fb page devoted to calling out Higher path ventures

What does it cost?

$3500, then $297 per month or $1000 and then $97 per month. I have seen people saying that they have paid both these prices. However, you only find out the price when you make a phone call, so it could change.

Final Verdict

-There are WAY too many bad reviews of this company. It has changed it’s name several times which is a HUGE red flag.

-The only positive reviews/testimonials you can find are from the company itself and it’s sales page.

-Even if it is a legitimate company, the business model is flawed. Books are a low end product, you are going to have to buy and sell thousands to make any real money.

-The price is ridiculous, way too expensive.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COURSE. But I won’t leave you empty handed. Check out my recommendations below. The links will only take you to a webinar where you can find out more information. Not a sales page. No pressure. You don’t have to purchase anything. You don’t have to give me your email to access it. And the webinars themselves will give you a TON of free and valuable information. Good luck on your journey and get free!

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“You can always get more money, you can not get more time.”

Get Free.


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