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An OK course, for an OK price. (Moderate investment, 50/50 chance of return.) MEH.

An OK course, but too high priced. (Risky investment, 50/50 chance of return.) NAH.

Overall Rating = NAH.

High Ticket Nation/Affiliate Nation

What is it?

-High Ticket Nation is Part of the Affiliate Nation Company, and it’s a done For You Affiliate Marketing Program using the Digital Franchise Model.

-This means that you will need to pay into this business, and then you will be selling the same thing to others.

-They focus on Travel memberships, so you will be buying a travel membership and then selling it to others.

Who was it created by?

-There are several product/course owners

-Jordan Rowse, Shane Carling, Dylan Alarie, David Trachsel, Michael Mossino, and Justin Cartwright are all the creators.

-They all have many years of marketing and sales experience.

What’s different about it?

-One thing that seems a little different about it, is they focus on spotting trends early on and capitalizing on them. Although, if they spot them early, they probably aren’t going to tell all of us right away.

-They mostly focus on selling a membership with a travel club, which I haven’t heard anyone else doing.

What’s Included?

-What’s included is a training that will teach you how to run ads online in the (extremely competitive) Travel Niche.

-They’ve partnered with a company called Unify Travel Club, which is who the memberships are sold through.

-The membership to Unify Travel Club offers to let you know every time there is a discount available on luxury vacations in exchange for monthly subscription based payments, and this is what you are mostly promoting.

-Done for you sales funnels are also included.

-There is an “automated marketing system”.

-They provide some done for you advertising as well.

-And done for you sales and client management as well.

How does it work?

-How it works is its basically a high ticket affiliate marketing program and training that is mostly done-for-you. (Which means that you don’t get to learn how to create this business for yourself, you will always be a part of someone else’s business.)

-With affiliate marketing you generally need to find a great product to sell (In this case, a travel membership).

-You need to have a great sales funnel (They create them for you).

-And generate leads through digital advertising (This is where you will need some training and will have to spend money on ads).

-Then you close sales with customers.

-And collect an ongoing commission. Usually about 50%.

Who is it for?

-This training might be good for you if you are very passionate about the travel niche, and want to become an affiliate marketer for it, without having to do much work.

-You also need to have at least $5000 for the course and for paid ads to get started.

-If you don’t mind if it takes a little longer to start seeing real money, since the travel industry is not at full capacity right now, this might be for you.

Who is it not for?

-I really don’t think this course is for you if you are just looking for an overall practical affiliate marketing course. There are better and cheaper alternatives.

Better Alternative

I’ve Spent over $50k, going through different courses and workshops to find a passive income business. After 5 years and many hours spent, I decided to try to help others in the same position find the right path. So that you don’t have to spend the money and time that I did. These are my REAL recommendations.


-There is a very high earning potential with this business, once travel kicks back up. Travel is a multi billion dollar industry, and it is just starting to get busy again.

-Since travel is maybe not as popular as it usually is right now, you might have less competition and more time to build your business up before it gets too competitive.

-Also, you wont have to do much or be very techy since its mostly done-for-you.


-One con is that they promise a bonus at the end of the webinar and then don’t give it to you.

-Also since everything is done for you, you’re not really going to learn how to be an affiliate marketer yourself.

-Because of that, you never know when they could go out of business, and you would have to start all over. There’s no longevity. The business would never really be yours, it would always be part of someone else’s business.

-Another con is they are really only showing you how to promote one product. And there are millions.

-The product you are promoting is high ticket, which means it will be hard to get sales unless you already have a lot of content. They aren’t really giving you a good jumping off point.

-This is a big one for me. They are showing you mainly paid ads, which means you need to have a large budget in order to get sales. That also means its not totally passive, once you stop paying for, and monitoring ads, your sales will stop.

-The other main con is that its very expensive, you have to get on a sales call to find out how much it costs, which always means its at least $2k, but likely more like $5k. Plus I hate sales calls.

What Else?

-According to their ads and webinar, you will be earning commissions of up to $2500, which means that you are promoting a service that costs around $5000.

-It sounds amazing, but it is A LOT harder to make a sale when the price tag is that high. You gotta have major marketing and sales skills, or a big following on socaial media already, and you usually have to speak with someone over the phone and sell them on your product.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-There are some other reviews that are good, but I would be weary of these because they could be from affiliates for this program, which means they earn a commission if you buy it using their link. So they are likely biased.


-14 day money back refund policy on all products or services inside the affiliate nation website

-This means that if you are buying a system that belongs To Unify Travel Club, you will have to ask about a separate refund policy for them. So be careful of that.

What does it cost?

-It likely costs around $5000.

-You have to get on a sales call to find out the exact price, which usually means a few thousand dollars, and since the price of the product you are promoting is $5000, that is a good sign that the course/membership they are selling you is the same.

Final Thoughts

-My final thoughts is that the travel niche is always going to be a good niche, even with a pandemic.

-And it might actually be the best time to build a travel niche business up, before the competition comes back all the way.

-It’s VERY expensive.

-Everything is Done For You, So if they go out of business, you do too.

-There is not much training for the price.

Final Verdict

-I do not recommend this program.

-Its way too expensive for what you get. For that much money you should be getting all that done for you stuff, AS WELL as training on how to do it yourself.

-The fact that they are only teaching you about one niche and one product is silly. For that price, they should be teaching you all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

-The high ticket commission is tempting, but it is going to be extremely hard to get anyone to pay that much for a membership. You are going to have to be very patient and trust that they will build up your sales funnels enough to get you there. That is just too much trust placed in someone else you don’t even know.

-Plus if they go out of business, so do you because they never taught you how to do any of it yourself.

-There is a course that teaches you step by step how to start a successful affiliate marketing business, in around 5 minutes per day. They ALSO give you a ton of done for you stuff, such as templates and websites, and email copy, etc. AND they give you an entire second account so that you can do it with someone else like a friend or family member. AND its actually affordable. (Especially if you split it with someone else)

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