Cole Gordon – Remote Closing Academy Review

Cole Gordon – Remote Closing Academy Review

I’ve been seeing these advertisements all over my youtube channel so I decided to do some research. This review is just my opinion after doing hours and hours of research and gathering information so that you don’t have to. But I have not taken this course myself, so it is all opinion based.

Having said that, in my opinion it is not a good course. And if you are truly looking for a legit way to start a passive income business online, I will link my top receommendation in the description below.

Remote Closing Academy

What is it?

-A training course teaching you how to make high ticket sales over the phone.

-You will be taking sales calles for high-ticket coaching programs. You call clients who have already made contact with another sales person, and you take over and close the deal. Then you earn a commission. Usually around $500.

Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

-Cole Gordon, the only thing he is known for is this course. And he has only been a “remote closer” for a few years. I couldn’t find any other information about him, so I can’t say that he is someone I would trust.

What’s different about it from every other course?

-Its teaching you telemarketing basically. Rather than going forward in modern marketing, its going backwards. There’s a lot of remote closing courses now, this one doesn’t have a lot of differences.

What’s Included?

-The curriculum has not been made public. You have to buy the program first.

-RED Flag, RED flag, RED flag.

-There should be at least a basic outline of what you will receive in the course, especially for the price.

Who is it good for?

-IF you are a master salesmen, and you dream about making sales over the phone.

-If you don’t mind getting hung up on a lot, and getting rejected a lot. You will have to deal with a lot of “NO’s” before you get a yes, so you should have thick skin.

Who is it not good for?

-Introverts, people who don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers on the phone, etc.


-If you are amazing at selling and negotiating, you could potentially make a lot of money.

-If you are really good at making sales daily, you could make enough money in a short amount of time, and have a lot of time left over in your week to do whatever else you want.

-You could do this on the side.


-You will just be trading one job for another. This is not passive, you have to be on the phone in order to be making money.

-Your income is not guaranteed, even if you are amazing at this job. The average no-show rate for High Ticket coaching programs is 60%.

-The price for this program is pretty high, especially since they don’t give you any information up front to know what you will actually be recieving. You are kind of just flying blind and hoping for the best.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-There are a lot of bad reviews about this one on reddit and other forums.

-There are some good reviews and testimonials on their sales page.


-The cost is not given up front. This usually means that the price is over $3000 minimum.

-In my research, I found a forum post from one man stating that he was told $8400 over the phone. And another person who was quoted $7500.

-Some programs that require a phone call to tell you the price, will give you discounts and such, if you ask or say that you don’t have enough money. So the price can be slightly variable for coaching programs such as this one.


-there doesn’t appear to be a refund or guarantee of any kind, which is scary since you are paying such a high price and dont know what you are actually getting up front.

Final Thoughts

-Not passive. If you stop working, the money stops coming in.

-You will be spending most of your day on the phone.

-There will be a lot of rejection before you make a sale.

-Overpriced, for not knowing what you will be receiving and no sign of guarantees or refunds.

-Zero information about what you are actually getting.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend this course. There are way too many red flags. You don’t know what you are actually getting when you buy it. You don’t know how much it costs. It is not cool that he would ask people to purchase this program without any substantial information on what’s included.

I will link my most recent review for My top 3 ways to make passive income online in 2023 below.

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