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Matt Diggity The Affiliate Lab Review

Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab has been around since 2017. And in 2017 it was one of the top affiliate marketing courses available. But is it still the best in 2023? Stick around to the end of this video to find out.

All of the information in this review is opinion based. I have not purchased the course, so this review is based on hours and hours of research along with years of experience with affiliate marketing and purchasing over $40K in online courses. I therefore feel confident giving you a non-biased review, but if you want to read one from a team of marketers who actually purchased and completed it, check out

Who created it and can you trust him?

Matt Diggity is a well known affiliate marketing and SEO pro, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. He is also an author of two books on affiliate marketing: “Affiliate Marketing For Dummies” and “Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing”. He is a very practical guy, who gives honest information and also has his own youtube channel if you want to check him out further.

What is it?

Matt Diggity’s course, The Affiliate Lab, is a very beginner friendly affiliate marketing course with a ton of content teaching students how to build an affiliate website, and also how to flip websites.

So how does the Affiliate Lab Course Work?

The course is very thorough, with over four hours of video content and step-by-step instructions. It also teaches you how to build a site to monetization and then flip it for a higher price. It focuses on organic traffic, which I think is the best because its free and long term. However, it also touches on paid traffic. You make money through affiliate marketing as well as flipping affiliate sites.

So What Exactly Is Included in The Course?

The curriculum includes four main components that will teach students about building websites with WordPress. WordPress can be frustrating an difficult for people who have never used it. So keep that in mind. He also teaches niche selection, driving traffic to your site by using social media or search engines like Google or Yahoo!, and keyword research strategies as well as other SEO techniques.

What is different about the course?

-Matt not only teaches you affiliate marketing in the common way that other courses teach. He also teaches you how to rank, monetize, and flip competitive affiliate sites.

-Matt doesn’t tell you to buy a bunch of expensive software before you even know what to do with it. He is very practical, honest, and straight forward. So that is a big difference as well.

Who is this course for?

The Affiliate Lab course is for people looking to build a career in affiliate marketing through blog type websites. It is for people without any previous knowledge of the subject, and those with some experience who want to take their skills up a notch.

Who can be successful with this course?

Anyone interested in making serious money online as an affiliate marketer can be successful by going through The Affiliate Lab Course. As with any online course, you have to be willing to put in time and effort and a little bit of money.

You will see from the student testimonials that they are happy with the course, but that they had to put in a lot of work at first to be successful.

There are no get rich quick courses that actually work that way. You probably need at least 10 hours per week to devote to a side business like this one, and you have to be prepared to say no to shiny objects as they come along. Because now that you have searched affiliate marketing courses online, you WILL see more ways (shiny objects) to make money online.

Who is this course not for?

People not ready or willing to invest the necessary time or money it takes to be successful. If you are completely broke, don’t try to start a business. It takes a little bit of money.


  • In-depth training and support from Matt Diggity himself.
  • The course is very easy to understand, especially for people who are new to the industry or don’t have any previous experience with affiliate marketing.
  • The course provides a few different methods of advertising which makes it easier for anyone with a limited budget.
  • Most students seem to like the course.
  • Easy to find legit student success stories.
  • Course creator Matt Diggity practices what he is teaching.
  • You pay once and get lifetime access. No upsells or monthly fees.
  • No fluff or crazy promises.


  • You have to set up a wordpress site, which can be difficult if you’ve never done it.
  • There are No Refunds or guarantees.
  • He doesn’t teach affiliate marketing through Youtube.

How much does the entire Affiliate Lab Course cost?

  • $997 one time, or 2 Payments of $597
  • No refunds

Frequently asked Questions as posted on the website:

How long would it take me if I were completely newbie at this before making money from my own affiliate lab campaign?

It’s hard to say an exact time. The newbie course is Matt’s most popular and he says it takes people anywhere from a few weeks to six months depending on their skill level in general, not just with this specific marketing method. We recommend starting the beginner content first if you have no previous experience or knowledge of affiliate marketing before diving into other courses that are more advanced.

Do you cover niche selection?

It’s one of the first trainings. You’ll get a quantitative process for you to be able to grade niches before you jump into them.

What skillsets will I have after this training?

You’ll know how to rank in competitive niches. You’ll know how to monetize your website to its potential. And most importantly, you’ll have a set of resources to help you in case you get stuck.

What if I’m not interested in flipping websites?

While a part of this course is dedicated to flipping, you don’t have to. You can keep scaling and earning monthly income.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. If you need help at any time, you can jump on the Facebook group and ask questions. 

Is this a white hat or black hat SEO course ?

I don’t wear any hats. I do what my test results say are the quickest and most effective ways to rank. Right now, it’s a mix of both. And if that changes, so will The Affiliate Lab.

Do I need to purchase a bunch of SEO tools?

SEO tools make life easier, but you can get away without them with mostly free alternatives.

What if I am an advanced SEO?

Many established affiliates have now started using The Affiliate Lab as their standard operating procedure.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

No. But you are promised help until you succeed.

Final Thoughts

– He is really only teaching you how to do affiliate marketing through a blog-type website, nothing about youtube or tiktok, which is a shame.

-The amount of quality content, instruction, and bonuses you receive are a very good value for the price.

-Matt Diggity is a practical honest teacher that cares about his students success. There are hundreds of testimonials about students doing well from this course.

-Its going to take a lot of work to start seeing real money.

Final Verdict

I do recommend this course if all you want to do is learn how to do affiliate marketing with a blog website. -If you’re looking for a top quality affiliate marketing course that focuses solely on website building, then I recommend The Affiliate Lab.

BUT if you’re looking for a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing course, that teaches you how to Hack Youtube and Google as Well, then consider checking out the webinar linked below.

➡️How To Hack Google (Using Youtube)

Thanks for tuning in for another review with Get Free With Annie, and I hope you choose today to Get Free.

Annie 🙂

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