Can You Still Make Money From Blogging in 2023?

Authority Site System 3.0 Review

Is building a blog website still worth it in todays overly competitive landscape? Can you still Make money from starting a blog in 2023?

And if so, what is the best program to help you learn how to do it the right way?

Stick around to the end of this article to find out if Authority Site System is the right one for you.

Authority site System

What is it?

-A complete Step-By-Step Training Course for building highly profitable authority sites from the ground up.

-In short, it teaches you how to build a blog with authority. Meaning that people actually trust what you are writing, and want to read more and Potentially buy products that you recommend on your blog. (Which is called Affiliate Marketing and is how you make the most money from a blog)

Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

-Mark Webster and Gael Breton are the creators.

-Mark has been a successful online marketer since 2008.

-Gael has been working with Mark since 2010 building and growing websites.

-They are legit dudes that have been known in the online marketing space for a long time.

What’s different about it from every other course?

-Its the only course I’ve seen that gives you a real-life case study site to learn from and copy.

-Its a training showing how to brand your site, how it should be structured, content creation methods, link building, and how to optimize for affiliate commissions. It’s very down to earth, and step by step. Nothing is left out, and there are no secrets or fluff.

What’s Included?

-183+ Video lessons, with new lessons and updates added every year.

-Including how to find the right niche, site setup and planning, branding, writing the right kind of content, link building, affiliate setup and optimization, and becoming an authority.

-A real-life case study site to learn from and get ideas from.

-Copy/Paste Templates for you to use.

-Site Building to-do list for you to use.

-A community with a ton of active members to learn from.

Who is it good for?

-Beginner online marketers who have no experience.

-People who have tried to build a blog and have been unsuccessful.

-Website builders who are already doing pretty well, and want to learn how to scale their business.

Who is it not good for?

-If you are trying to find a get rich quick program, this isn’t for you. Its going to take you some time to build authority and start seeing a profit. At least 1-2 years on average. But after that, it’s a very passive income business.


-Very legit, not full of fluff, well known.

-Very affordable for the quality and amount of content you receive.

-Several good reviews and testimonials. rates this course his number 1 pick for an affiliate marketing course.


-They don’t teach youtube. This course would be in my top 3 if they showed you how to turn your website articles into youtube videos as well. They are really missing the boat on that one.

-Its all about building authority and ranking your sites on google, but Youtube is one of the best ways to do that. And Google owns youtube, and to have authority you need to be on both. Marketing has moved largely from websites to videos in the last decade. And youtube is the number one video site in the world.

Which is why I recommend this course called Tube Affiliate Success Academy instead:

Testimonials/Other reviews

-There are a ton of successful student testimonials you can find all over the Authority Site System sales page, as well as good reviews on reddit and quora.

-There is also a great review of this course on and you can see it is their #1 pick out of 31 different affiliate marketing courses they have purchased and tested.


-6 Payments of $149, or $599 one time


-30 day money back guarantee

Final Thoughts

-Its a very good course if you just want to learn how to build and rank content websites so that you can make affiliate commissions or flip the sites. Maybe the number 1 course for how to build a blog site.

-Its very affordable for the amount of content and support you receive.

-I wish they taught youtube as well.

Final Verdict

I do recommend this course for people who just want to learn how to build amazing websites. It is probably the best one available.

I don’t personally believe that websites are the best way or only way to make passive income with affiliate marketing. I think you need to have Youtube as well. Which is why I recommend this course:

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