Can You Make Money With Samcart? | Samcart Honest Review 2023

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Key Takeaways

If you’ve ever wanted to sell something online but didn’t know how.

Samcart is Extremely Affordable.

You Can Literally Start Making Money Online Today.


Why Samcart is Perfect For Beginners

Samcart is a simple beginner friendly way to sell any product or service online. Even if you haven’t created a product or service yet! They help you with that part too!

It’s a complete ecommerce checkout platform, made especially for people with no prior experience.

Who Created it?

Scott and Brian Moran are brothers and the creators of this platform.  Scott’s first product he sold online was an ebook about how to have the perfect baseball swing every time. He was having a hard time figuring out how to sell it online, so he partnered with his brother Brian who had a technical background, and they created Samcart. They are down to earth, and they practice what they preach.

It’s extremely beginner friendly, and I myself wrote an ebook about 3 Steps to finding your perfect partner in life.

What Problem Does Samcart Solve For You?

If you have ever wanted to sell something online, but thought that you couldn’t because you just didn’t have the technical skills, knowledge, or money to get your idea turned into a reality, that is the problem Samcart has solved for you.

Have you ever come up with an idea, and thought that you should get a patent for it, and become a millionaire? But then when you started researching how much time and money it would take, you gave up? Because all the website designers and copywriters and sales software was just way too much to think about?

That’s where Samcart comes in. They do all of that for you.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell, do you have an expertise or specific service that you could turn into an ebook? Are you amazing at hula hooping? You could write a 10 step program to become the perfect hula hooper. Do you have a perfectly well behaved dog? You could write 5 step system to training the perfect dog. Literally anything you can think of, you can turn it into profitable product with Samcart.

What are the Key Features?

There are so many helpful features for beginners, such as  “conversion-optimized” checkout templates (which means they are specially designed to get you more sales), along with one-click upsells, order-bumps, subscription options, and payment plan capabilities for your customers.

Samcart focuses on product level, not store level. Meaning you are not creating an entire online store. You are just creating one or two products to sell online.

Samcart helps you create a beginner friendly point and click webpage that showcases and sells your product(s).

The Samcart platform includes basic shopping cart and checkout page software so you don’t have to worry about setting that up or paying a separate Point of Sale Software company.

What’s different about it from every other Platform online?

Compared to the majority of other check out pages and shopping platforms, it has a ton of easy to use, point and click features. Its extremely beginner friendly and easy to use for someone with zero prior experience.

Samcart is optimized to help you increase conversions and sales even if you have never sold anything in your life. So the marketing is already built in.

You can sell your digital product, ebook, course; all in one platform that shows you how, and even gives you ideas for products to create. So you don’t really even need to have a product idea yet, they will help you with that too.

And its all step by step, point and click, drag and drop. I created my ebook in one day.

Are there Bonuses?

Samcart has tested and optimized the sales page for conversions, so all the sales testing for which type of page and copy works best, has already been done for you.

There is an easy click and drop upsell option as well. For example, you can create a sales page for a $50 product and then an upsell for $30, and another upsell for $100. This is called a sales funnel and it converts extremely well. They have found that 20% of your customers will purchase more than just your original product, even if your upsell costs more.

What’s Included?

-One click upsells (main function that differs from all other platforms)

-One click Bump offers – bundling main products or services with complementary products to increase profits. (Mcdonalds does this by offering you fries with your burger)

-Checkout pages – 18 professionally designed templates, proven high converting

-Built in testimonials, security reassurances, guarantees, and various other elements to maximize conversions

-One page checkout

-Payment plan options for your customers if you are selling a high ticket item

-Affiliate Center – Samcart has an amazing affiliate management feature. You don’t even have to spend time promoting your products or services because their affiliates are spreading the word for you. And you only pay them a percentage if they make a sale, so you aren’t wasting money on marketing that’s not working.

-Subscription saver – If you are selling a subscription or membership to something

-Customer service – Samcart sends your customers emails on your behalf whenever a payment fails

-A/B testing – split testing is extremely important. Even a small change can improve in huge increase in revenue, ie: the color of a button.

-Integration for Zapier – You can connect to email autoresponders and webinar software, and many other marketing tools

-Product support

-Facebook group

How does it work?

-Watch the videos and trainings

-Create your product

-Select the payment structure you want (one time, payment plan, or subscription)

-Pick a sales page template (all proven to be high converting)

-Click and drop

-Cusomize checkout pages

-Add upsells, create coupons, split test, etc

-Post your sales page on your facebook, youtube, blog, in their affiliate center, ticktok, Instagram, etc,

-Every time someone buys, you keep 100% of the sale.

Who is it for?

Samcart is for beginners who want to sell a product online, because you can literally get it up and running in 30 minutes.

It is for anyone who wants to sell any kind of product online. ie: courses, ebooks, seminars, checklists, private label work out supplements, handmade jewelry, consulting services, marketing services, etc.

It is best for someone who has a digital product to sell. For example, if you are amazing with woodworking, you could create an entire course on how to build a shed and sell it on samcart for $50. Or you are super great at golf and you have tons of tips and tricks on how to make the perfect drive. Or literally anything else you are good at or know a lot about.

A lot of well known marketers use samcart to sell their courses.

Who is it not for?

Its not great for selling local brick and mortar services such as roofing or beauty salon. Its much more easy to sell products. Digital products are best, such as courses and ebooks. However, there are some services that you can turn into an ebook and sell as a product, such as coaching or weight loss.


-Extremely user friendly platform (if I can use it, you can too.)

-Tons of software integrations for marketing tools.

-One click upsells and bumps to boost your profits

-All different payment options

-Discount and coupon options as a marketing tool

-Built in affiliate management system that rivals other platforms

-Awesome support through email, facebook group, and live chat

-Easy to read analytics for you to see your revenue

-Extremely affordable. The most affordable platform for creating and selling a product I have ever seen.

-You keep 100% of your profits, you don’t share any with Samcart.


-A little bit more tricky to sell services, however if you are creative, you can create an offer as a coach, or turn your service into an ebook and then sell it as a product.

-Monthly payment, rather than one time. But extremely affordable.


Does SamCart Allow Coupon Codes?

Yes, and its very easy to integrate.

How Does SamCart Pay You?

You receive your payments from the vendor or your affiliate manager on the platform. Payments will be made using any of the supported payment methods, such as PayPal, and Stripe. So you just have to sign up for one of those accounts and add it and you are good to go.

Can You Integrate SamCart with Zapier?

You can integrate SamCart with Zapier, which will then allow you to instantly connect with over 3,000 marketing automation tools and apps to help you automate just about all of your work, increase your productivity, and boost your profit.

Can SamCart Handle VAT?

SamCart helps keep your online tax simple. All you have to do is add your marketplace address and VAT ID wherever applicable, and SamCart will automatically find the right tax rates for each of your customers, and then charge them sales tax accordingly.

Can You A/B Test Checkout Pages in SamCart?

SamCart has a great A/B testing feature designed to help you figure out the best design and boost your conversions. You can test every single aspect of your checkout page to find out which works best with your audience. The platform also has in-depth tutorials for those who are new to split testing and provides a step-by-step process to help you hit the ground testing.

Testimonials/Other reviews

-Many positive testimonials and reviews

-Not many bad ones

-I have personally used samcart and my review is positive. I sold my first ebook on the second day 🙂

How Much Does Samcart Cost?

-Launch – Down from $49 ,$39 per month

  • Unlimited Products: Sell as much as you want, there is no limit.
  • Template Library: Use one of over a dozen different templates that have already been designed and tested.
  • Zapier Integration: Zapier allows SamCart users to sync to over
  • 750 different services.
  • 1% added transaction fees.
  • Stats and Analytics Dashboard.
  • Mobile friendly Checkout.
  • Free SSL: Top of the line security.
  • In-App Chat Support.
  • Webhooks: Exciting techy stuff for developers.
  • Order Bumps: Encourage your customers to add other products to their cart before they purchase.

-Grow – Down from $99, $79 per month (All the features of launch

  • Whitelabeled: All SamCart branding is removed from your checkout pages.
  • 0% extra transaction fees.
  • 1-Click Upsells: Encourage your customers to purchase other products with one click, after they’ve completed their purchases.
  • A/B Testing: Test your checkout pages and upsells to see which ones are successful at making you the most money.
  • Selling: Offer free trials, paid trials, subscriptions, and payment plans.
  • Collect Your Prospects: SamCart captures the information of the people who do not complete the checkout process, allowing you to check in with them later to close the sale.

-Scale – Down from $199, $159 per month ( Grow

  • Access to the Affiliate Center, which allows you to sign up affiliate marketers to sell your products for you and refer them to your store


-14 day free trial

-30 day money back guarantee

Final Thoughts

Samcart is extremely beginner friendly, and user friendly in general. Point n cick, drag n drop. Anyone can set up a sales checkout page and have a product online in 30 minutes.

Samcart has finally made a way for people with zero technical skills to sell something online without having to spend thousands on patents and designers and websites and advertising.

Samcart has great support, great reviews, great testimonials

Samcart checkout pages are high converting. Meaning Samcart has made the checkout page optimized for getting you the most sales. The Hard work has been done for you.

The Final Verdict

I purchased samcart a little over 2 years ago and created an ebook. It took me a couple weeks to complete the content for my ebook, and about an hour to complete the entire sales/checkout page on Samcart. I charged $9.99 because it wasn’t very long, and I posted it on facebook and I sold my first copy of my ebook the second day.

You can literally create a product from anything. You can create a course on how to achieve the perfect golf swing, or how to be a better public speaker, or how to do the splits in 30 days.

That thing that you’ve always been good at, or had weird knowledge and passion for, but never knew what to do with it… You can share it with the world! You can sell it and make money from your passion! The REAL American dream.

I wholeheartedly believe that Samcart is an amazing platform that has literally made it possible for anyone to share their talent and passions with the world. Without technical knowledge, without thousands of dollars, and without graphic designers and licensing agents and all that stuff that makes regular people like me think that selling a product online is impossible.


➡️Start Your Business Today and Get Free With Samcart

If you start today, you are one day closer to being an online millionaire. Putting it off until tomorrow is what 99% of people will do. And they won’t ever make that next move. Be that 1%. Live your life your way. Shock all your family and friends. Get Free.

I believe in you.


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