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Key Takeaways

High Ticket Commissions


Best Affiliate Program I’ve Seen

(50% Payouts, 19 diff. Products)

Less Than 1% Doing This

(Low Competition)


What is it?

Yes, Automated Profit Partners System (APPS) is a high ticket affiliate marketing course. But it is also more than that.

Being a part of it, gains you access to their EXCLUSIVE high ticket affiliate program. I say exclusive not because its click bait, but because you can actually only gain access to it by purchasing the APPS program and being an APPS member.

This affiliate program has 19 different HIGH TICKET products that you earn from 40-50% commissions on. Each product is $500-$2000, which means your commissions are $200-$1000 EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That in itself is already worth the price of this program to join. You can make your money back in one single sale. BUT the APPS program is also a complete affiliate marketing course that is teaching you how to make passive income from home. Simply by using Facebook Messenger to have conversations with people! Seriously.

Ok, I’ll tell you more.

Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

This program was created by Ron Douglas. He is a well known online personality, entrepreneur, and mentor.

He has thousands of successful students, a private facebook group with over 10,000 members, he is a New York times bestselling author, and former JP Morgan finance manager who turned his love for passive income into a thriving online empire.

He is very down to earth and holds live webinars every Wednesday with top entrepreneurs, marketers and millionaires, as well as being a multi millionaire himself.

As an APPS member, you have access to these live webinars and the replays every single week.

What’s different about it from every other course?

Jeeze, where to begin?

Lets start with the actual affiliate marketing course that you will learn how to build a passive income business from.

-A big difference about this course is that less than 1% of online businesses use Facebook Messenger for marketing to promote their business currently.

ONE PERCENT! That’s not very many. So NO ONE else is learning or doing this right now. Since there’s not very many people doing it, it is extremely unsaturated. There is really not a lot of competition.

That’s something that’s really different and really important about this program. You can’t say that about Wealthy Affiliate or Legendary Marketer. You can’t say that about ANY other course I have seen.

You can’t find any other good programs that are showing you how to use Facebook Messenger to make money online. So you are really getting in on the ground floor of this technique.

Here’s another huge difference for you.

Ron has figured out a way to use this source of traffic without annoying people. A lot of those Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Tick tock ads, they’re just annoying; whereas with Facebook Messenger, you know the person you are advertising to actually has to WANT to engage. Because it’s not just an ad, its a conversation. And so you’re not just getting traffic, you’re getting better and more high quality traffic. Which means customers are willing to pay more for the products you are promoting.

That is the key to High Ticket Affiliate Marketing vs low ticket affiliate marketing.

Here’s another thing that’s cool about this program. You’re not just signing up with another affiliate program, you’re actually learning a very valuable skill for getting high quality traffic. Traffic is the key to making money online.

No matter what you are doing. Whether you are an online marketer or a Roofing company that just needs more customers. With the Facebook Messenger marketing method, you’re learning a really valuable skill that not a lot of other people or businesses are learning, and you can actually take that skill after you’ve learned it and create yet another stream of income by charging clients to do the same thing for their business. Business owners will always pay for good marketing. Because it brings them more money too.

Lastly, the biggest difference about this program is the Exclusive High Ticket Affiliate Program you have access to. With 19 different products to earn high ticket commissions from. And not just any products. These products have all been vetted by Ron himself. They are high quality products. That no one else has access to. That is something that you are not going to find anywhere else online for this price.

What’s Included?

I bought the program and went through it, so I can give you a nice rundown of what’s included, but you wont be able to find all this information anywhere else unless you watch the webinar.

You start with your quick strategy call, but only if you want to. You don’t have to get on this call. It’s not to sell you anything. You have already purchased the APPS program and now you get a real person to help you get started with a business strategy. That’s it.

Weekly Wealth Wednesday webinars- videos every week that they record. These are major. I still watch these every week. These are so good. I mean there just is so much good information, given to you buy multi millionaires, and online marketing masterminds.

Here are just a few of the titles of some past webinars:

  • How To Turn a 28-Page Ebook Into $34,000 per Month
  • How He Earns $22k a Day By Giving Away Free Books On Facebook
  • How Adam Scaled 1 Offer To Over $1M Without Paying For A Single Ad
  • How to Start a 6-Figure ‘Side Gig’ in 3 Days And Outsource All Of The Work
  • $8,050/day on ClickBank with Automated Bots
  • How to Profit from Explosive Moves in Crypto Curriencies Before They Happen
  • How To Generate $3000+ Per Month With Mobile Apps (Beginner Friendly)
  • How to earn $1,000s per month in affiliate commissions in only 20 minutes per day

As a member, I currently have access to 46 of these. They are gold. They talk about how to get better traffic, how to get higher quality traffic, how to automate things, the list goes on. And they are all given by people are already DOING these things themselves. The wealth Wednesday webinars are just amazing. I watch them every week. Ron always has some amazing successful person on there, showing you how to better your business and make things easier.

Theres also the VIP private Facebook group– There’s an awesome community in the facebook group where you can get your questions answered and see what other people are doing, and get motivated by other peoples successes.

Other things– You can also download PDF if you’re not a video person you can read all of the weekly lessons as well.

The Exclusive Affiliate Program With 19 Products for you to earn commissions from. You can pick one to promote, or all of them. Each one has a webinar that you can send people to. As a member, you get access to these High Ticket Products, they give you your affiliate link for each one, and when people click on your link, you get paid a commission.

As I said before, they are high quality products that Ron has vetted himself, so not only are you making high commissions; anywhere from $200-$1000, but they are actually good products that you would want to buy yourself.

PRO TIP: Don’t ever sell or promote products that you wouldn’t buy yourself.

Bonuses and Done-For-You items:

  • Done for you ads
  • Done for you funnels,
  • Click and paste scripts
  • Free cheat sheets and giveaways
  • Copy and paste email templates
  • And you get $800 in AD credits

How does it work?

How is it structured? It is five weeks of videos, each week has 7 to 10 videos in it. Each video is three minutes, all the way up to an hour and a half long, with most of them being around 20 minutes each.

You learn how to set up an automated Facebook messenger system and you learn how to set up automated emails, which is really important. Because its really the only source of traffic that you can actually OWN. For example, if you’re on Tiktok marketing to people and you have this list of followers on Tiktok, you don’t actually own that. Tiktok can take it away from you at any time. So, the fact that Ron acknowledges that in this course, and shows you how to be building your email list at the same time you’re building your messenger list is really important because you OWN your email list, that’s an asset that you can hang on to for the rest of your life.

Once those 2 things are set up and you start getting traffic, it’s as simple as someone clicking your link to make a purchase, and DING, you get an email that looks like this:


Once you see that email one time, and open it to see that you have just earned $500 while you were sitting on your porch drinking a beer, you’re hooked.

The next time you go to work and realize it just took you 8 hours of your precious time and a bunch of people you don’t like, to earn that same amount of money, you will never want to go back.

This is a real screenshot from a real student in the facebook group that I saw today, sharing their success. Imagine seeing that much money in your bank account just from setting up automated messages on Facebook Messenger!

Who is it good for?

-This program is good for people who want an easy way to start an online business, without having to be technical.

-This is for people who want to work from home.

-This is for people that cherish their time, and want to make money while they sleep so they can LIVE their life, instead of working it away.

-This is for people who don’t have a ton of extra time to build their own products and their own website.

-This is for People who have tried affiliate marketing and aren’t successful with it.

-This is for Affiliate marketers who need a different and more high quality source of traffic.

-This is for people who have tried regular Facebook ads, and are tired of losing money.

-This is for Beginner affiliate marketers that need all the pieces to build their business in one place.

Who is it not good for?

If you’re already using Facebook Messenger successfully in your marketing business, then you don’t really need this program.

If you’re the kind of person who just wants to make a ton of money without doing any work, this program isn’t for you. (Hint: that doesn’t exist unless you win the lottery)

Passive income doesn’t mean that you never do any work. It means you do some work, and then you keep getting paid even when you aren’t working anymore.


-One major PRO is that ALL of the webinars that you have access to selling, are high ticket. So they’re all hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars in commissions. They’ve all been vetted by Ron and his team, they’re all extremely good products.

-Another big pro is that you’re learning a source of traffic with Facebook messenger that almost nobody else is using. So that’s huge.

-And yet another pro, is you’re building your email list at the same time. And that is a huge asset to have.

-Another, is that this program is exclusive. So it’s not oversaturated.


You have to be self motivated, this is not a completely done-for-you thing, which is why it is still affordable. You have to actually watch the videos and take action and go through it all.

It’s also helpful if you do have some background in using computers, you don’t need it but it would be helpful to at least know some basics.


The overall cost for the program is $997, which is a lot of money for some people, but it is reasonable for the amount of content you recieve. To be honest I’ve paid $10,000 for courses that weren’t as good as this one. (Yes, that’s actually the real amount I paid, ugh).

They also offer a setup service in case you just don’t have time to set all this stuff up yourself, you can have Ron’s team set it up for you which is a really cool option. Of course that’s not free, so that’s $697 more. Otherwise, you can just watch all the videos and learn it yourself and just pay the $997. Which really isn’t hard. I’m not technical at all, and I did it myself. But most programs will charge you thousands of dollars extra for this kind of thing.

There’s also no upsells. Don’t you hate it when a course says its $37 and then you buy it and realize it doesn’t give you any usable information unless you then purchase their $5000 coaching program? Eff that.

Honestly, access to the exclusive affiliate products, would alone be worth the $997. You can make that back with one single sale. And these are not hard products to sell.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

This is a legit Business in a box. All in one place. Not several places and monthly memberhsips. No upsells, it’s the full price right in front of you from the start. No surprises.

Its not full of fluff and hype. It’s not scammy at all. Hundreds of happy students to prove it.

It’s Easy to use for beginners, you don’t have to be tech savvy at all.

You only have to pay once and you have access to the course, the live weekly webinars (and replays), the private Facebook group, and the exclusive affiliate program and all the products for life.

They have an exclusive HIGH TICKET affiliate program that is worth the price alone.

You can do it from home in only a couple hours per week.

No one else is using this method yet.

Final Verdict

Obviously, you know by now, I highly recommend this program. This is one of the best affiliate programs out there.

No one else is using messenger. So there is extremely low competition in what you are learning to do.

Ron taught his own wife and kids how to do this, and they are making $10,000 + online every month.

Their affiliate program is HIGH TICKET, and its exclusive. You have to be a part of the APPS program to get access to it. That in itself is worth the $997. One single commission from just one of the affiliate products you have access to is $997. Just ONE. And there are 19 products currently. Ron and his team vet all the products first, and add new ones only if they are high quality enough.

Access to other high ticket programs that are this exclusive and THIS high ticket are usually $5000 and up. And you aren’t even getting a training course or learning anything new.

I don’t have the time and resources to purchase each and every product on the internet and spend months going through them, just to review them. But this one is one of the few products I have actually purchased myself, and it’s one you don’t want to pass up. Check it out here.

Thanks for being here. I hope you choose today to go out and Get Free.


I am an affiliate for the links I provide, which means if you click on one, then I may receive a small commission. However, that’s not my only reason for providing them. I was once where you probably are. Looking for the best way to make money online. I just wanted honest and practical advice and recommendations for where to start and where to go. REAL courses and education that could help me earn REAL money so that I could get free, and live the life I want. So that’s what Get Free With Annie is. I honestly hope it helps you find what is right for you. So you can Get Free too.

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