Amazon KDP, Is it Worth it? | Fiction Profits Academy Review

Key Takeaways

Too Expensive ($2000)

Hard To Make Real Money

Paid Ads Are Expensive

This is Better

Fiction Profits Academy

What is it?

A 3 Step system to show you how to sell fiction eBooks on Amazon using Paid Ads.

And you learn how to outsource all the work.

Who created it and can you trust them?

Karla Marie

She says that her and her students make 6 figure incomes, and once its up and running, you can manage the entire business in under an hour per day

How does it work?

You pick a niche

You find a writer, and pay them to write a book for you

Same with an illustrator

Launch your book

Pay for ads so that people see your book

Whats included?

10 Video modules covering things like mindset, nich selection, hiring writers, launching, and scaling with paid ads.

Private Facebook group

Live group coaching once a week


Its still new, not a lot of people talking about it, so there’s not a ton of competition, YET


High price. I have another amazon book publishing course that I recommend more than this one, and it is less than half the price

You also have to pay writers, illustrators as well as pay for software and ads to promote

Outsourcing everything and do nothing business model seems shady. You’re not learning anything, and your going to have to pay BIG bucks to get quality. Otherwise your just putting out garbage.

Not very much actionable quality content for the amount you are paying

Who is it good for?

If you have a lot of money to invest because you don’t really want to do any work

Who is it not good for?

If you want a long term legit business you can be proud of, not good for you

If you don’t have several thousands of dollars to invest to see if it can work, not good for you

Testimonials and other reviews

Her prize student Roy, had no internet marketing experience, and made 2.3 million in the past 2 years following Karla’s system

Another of her students, Jane who is a mother of 5, says she make $60k per month doing this

Another of her students Sachin claims to be making $14k per month

Not very many good legit reviews, actually none


$1997 one time

Or 4 payments of $649 = $2596


It’s a very complicated action based refund policy. So don’t buy it unless you are sure.

Final Thought

There is not enough actionable content to justify the price

Its not a business you can be proud of

Final Verdict

I don’t recommend it. Especially for this price, you want to invest in a real long term business you can be proud of. I recommend this program. Amazon Children’s Book Publishing Formula. It is less than half the price, and there is more than double the content. It shows you how to actually create your own business you can be proud of. Being a best selling childrens’ book author. Plus this is something you can even do with your kids or your family! How fun!

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