Affiliate Tube Success Academy Honest Review | How To Rank #1 On Google Every Time In 2023

Who is this chic and why should I listen to her reviews?

Many of my reviews are done through hours and hours of research. Scouring the web, and youtube, and other reviews, and testimonials, etc, etc, etc, to give you the best mash up of Non-Biased information as possible. I go into my research of each product as if I was about to buy the product and I need to do as much research as possible before making a decision. I spend the hours and hours of time researching, so that you dont have to. I do not buy every single one of the courses I review. But I do spend A LOT of time and put in a lot of effort, to give you the most honest and complete review I can. Because I have been where you are. And it sucks not knowing what to do next. I recommend starting here. ?

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Affiliate Tube Success Academy

What is it?

The Affiliate Tube Success Academy is a course that promises to teach you how you can rank your videos on the front page of google and youtube, over and over again, to drive unlimited traffic to any offer.

This complete course teaches you how to drive unlimited organic FREE traffic from Google and Youtube to any offer.

–  ATSA promises to teach you how to rank on the front page of Google in 24 hours. (I tried it out immediately and I was ranked #1 within 4 minutes.)

It is a course that is fairly unknown in the digital marketing space but has begun to gain some traction as of late.

Who was it created by? And can you trust them?

-Paul Murphy, on online marketer that has been in the business for 15 years plus and has generated millions of dollars from online marketing. He is the creator and he is an all around down to earth guy.

-He teaches very white hat methods. No scammy tactics.

-Paul lost all his money and his job in the past when google changed their entire algorithm. He had to completely remake is business from the ground up and learn the best way to never let that happen again. And he’s passing it on to us.

– Paul has been a Top successful affiliate marketer for Kartra, Builderall, and WebinarJam.

– A really different part of his success is that Paul leads the affiliate boards without ANY paid advertising. He drives all his traffic to these offers using FREE organic traffic from Google and Youtube.

-Paul didn’t design this course to sell to people, he never intended to show anyone, he is literally just showing you exactly what he does every day in his own business already, and then his business partner just said “We should show other people how to do this, we could help a lot of people.”

What’s different about it from every other course?

– Paul openly shares his results throughout his video training, so you can see real life examples of rankings and conversions from certain affiliate products he has set up, as well as the results of his very first student. (His very first student got 72 first page google rankings, after the first month).

-Free organic traffic, but ranking first on google and youtube

-Protecting the downside, by not using paid traffic at all, and not limiting your exposure. Not betting the farm and putting yourself at risk.

-Paul makes it clear up front that this is not a get rich quick scheme. That you’re going to have to put in work first. I respect that. Too many times have I seen Scammy, Fluff-filled courses, making you crazy promises, that are all just BS.

What Else?

-Paul says there are 3 things that the person teaching you a business should have.

 #1: They MUST know how to do it, and already be doing it themselves.

#2: They must know how to TEACH it. In an easy to digest manner.

#3: They MUST have students whove had INCREDIBLE successes with it. Not just minor successes, incredible sucesses.

What’s Included?

  • The 24 Hour Ranking System
  • Live Ranking Case Studies
  • What is the best Free Traffic source
  • Where to Find untapped products to Promote
  • Using the Power of 3 To Explode Conversions
  • Equip and Setting Up YouTube
  • Creating stunning thumbnails
  • How to create a hook
  • Mindset, Daily tasks and goals
  • Choosing a niche
  • Setting up your affiliate links
  • Best funnels to create and why
  • Done for you email sequences and templates
  • Magic of the 24hr ranking system
  • How to cheat finding Golden Key Words
  • Using Tube buddy and doing key word research
  • Proven 1K a day Formula
  • Funnels, bridge pages, and email marketing
  • Facebook Group
  • Good support from the creator himself
  • 2 Weekly Q and A training calls
  • Crazy valuable bonuses. (He actually gives you a license to a course to sell)

How does it work?

1. First you look for searched for traffic. (Things that people are already searching for.) At least 10 keywords. Use a keyword tool. ie: Keywords everywhere ($10/year)

2: Use “Buying kekywords”. Use keywords that have buying intent. (Don’t use things like “How to get a free landing page. More like “Which is the best landing page software?” or “How much does landing page software cost?”)

3: Pick a Niche. Ceate your channel around this. Something that you like or are an expert in, so that you don’t get bored and you sound like you know what you are talking about.

4: Sign up for affiliate products that have at least $100 profit per sale. Less than that isn’t worth your time, you are worth a lot!

5: Post one demo per day. (Takes about 1 hour. Yes 1 hour per day, skip that last netflix episode.)

6: Put your link above the fold. (Make sure your link can be seen in the description. Test it out.)

7: Check in after 10-30 days.

8. Goal is $200-$1000 per day.

Who is it good for?

– This complete training course is good for anyone that wants more traffic, so that they can make more sales. (And get free from their 9-5 job that is sucking their soul.)

– Its good for affiliate marketing in any niche, since what is taught in the course is directly used to promote affiliate products. So its a natural fit.

– Its also good for ecommerce, if you have your own product or business and want to drive FREE organic traffic to your site or offer by ranking #1 on Google.

Who is it not good for?

-You might be thinking this isn’t good for you because you don’t want to show your face, or even record your voice on youtube. You don’t have to. There are a ton of easy ways to make videos on youtube without showing yourself at all.

-You just want a way to get rich quick, without having to put in any money or time, then this isn’t for you. Hint: that only exists if you win the lottery. Good luck with that!

-But seriously, don’t buy this course, if you are just one of those people who has shiny object syndrome, and you give up after a month because you haven’t made a million dollars yet after only putting in 4 hours of work.


-The creator is a down to earth dude, no fake gurus here.

-The only cost you need to know is told to you up front, no hidden costs.

-Most courses tell you its $500, but then after you buy it you have to spend thousands on software and advertising, this course doesn’t do that.

-This training is all about traffic on the 2 biggest search engines known to man. Traffic equals money. You learn this and you can make money with ANYTHING online. You can take it in any direction, no limits

-Paul is basically reverse engineering you a passive income online business. Most courses show you an awesome product to promote, or teach you a marketing strategy, but then you don’t know how to get traffic so you fail. This course has started with traffic, and then you can go anywhere from there.

-THERE’S NO PAID ADS! Hallelujah! (Ad prices on FB increased 100%  last year)

-Paul is teaching you YOUTUBE! Youtube is #1 Streaming platform on the planet! Bigger than Netflix! And guess who owns youtube? GOOGLE! The number one search engine on the planet. So if you think there’s a better place to get traffic from than youtube and Google, think again. (And Paul is basically teaching you how to Hack them both.)

-Most people are afraid to use youtube bc they think they have to show their face. So saturation level is LOW low low. (You don’t have to show your face to make viral youtube videos and Paul shows you how.)


-Cost is moderately high. However, “high” is a relative term. I paid $6000 for a course in 2020 that had WAY less content, it taught black-hat advertising, and lost me over $7000 on advertising costs. This course teaches white-hat methods, and FREE advertising. (Wish I woulda found this one first, sheesh).

-Its not going to be affordable for everyone, which is a bummer.

Myths Busted

-Myth 1: You have to show your face to make Youtube videos. Busted: No you don’t, you can make high quality videos that rank very easily without showing your face or even using your voice.

-Myth 2: It takes months to get ranked. Busted: Paul has endless examples of his students ranking in minutes.

-Myth 3: You need subscribers Likes & Comments. Busted: All you need is consistency, and google will rank you.

-Myth 4: You can only make money from youtube with Ad Sense. Busted: Paul and his students are crushing it compared to what people are making from adsense and he has examples. (He shows a 6 week period where he made over $100k. He makes a million a year from just 10 videos on one of his channels)

Testimonials/Other reviews

-I searched high and low, and this training, the creator, everything is all positive reviews. No negative reviews.

-This course has all successful student testimonials. Like, every single one of his students.


-Affiliate Tube Success Academy is $1997 normally, which is already a good value for how much content and training you recieve. A single semester of community college was $6,700 for me. And I came out with zero marketable skills.

-With my link, you can have access for $997 or 3 monthly payments of $397.

-No other hidden costs. No costly software needed. No budget needed for ads AT ALL. (Most courses tell you at least a hundred bucks a day is what you will need to be successful.)


-From Paul the creator: “If you can’t rank just one video on the first page of Google within the First 30 days, I will give you a full refund and write you a $100 check for wasting your time.” The reason he can say this, is because you will rank. I tried it, and ranked immediately #1 on Google. Which I had never done before. And there are hundreds of students with the same story.

– Here’s another one from him: “As long as you have put up 10 videos and not been able to rank any of them we will refund your payment and still be friends.”

-You can see the full terms and conditions here.


– When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

As soon as you buy the course, we will get your username and password sent to your email for immediate access.

How long will I get access to the course for?

You will get access to the course for life and benefit from all future changes or improvements to the course!

– Is it Interactive and can I ask Questions to the trainer?

Absolutely. This course includes membership to our private course Facebook group for ongoing support.

Do I have to use a desktop Computer to watch the training? 

You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.

Final Thoughts

-I only ever promote the very top courses I come across, and this is my #1 pick.

-If I had found this course 2 years ago, I would be making $100k per month by now.

-Traffic equals money when it comes to online business. They aren’t teaching you affiliate marketing, or local marketing, or dropshipping… They are teaching you traffic. Then you do whatever you want with it, because if you have traffic, you have passive income.

Final Verdict

I do recommend this course. More than any other course I have recommended. Its my #1 Top pick.

And I recommend using it for affiliate marketing, because that is the most passive, and that’s the best way to get free for life. That’s also the way Paul teaches you to use it, and he offers a great affiliate program as well.

But you can use it for lead generation/local marketing agency by ranking a businesses site, and charging them for it. You can use it to get more sales on your ecommerce or dropshipping store.

You can take what you learn and apply it to any online business you want.

Take it and Get Free!

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